A Complete Review of the Excalibur Exc10el Food Dehydrator

When it comes to food dehydrators, there are simply too many options. Going to the store in search of a good food dehydrator can be a real headache, especially if you don’t have a brand in mind. If you want to narrow down the possibilities, consider the Excalibur Exc10el.

The Excalibur Exc10el is a top-of-the-line food dehydrator that won’t disappoint. Keep reading for our full Excalibur Exc10el review.

What Is the Excalibur Exc10el?

The Excalibur Exc10el is a 10-tray, fully-featured, premium food dehydrator. It comes in a sleek silver package, with a full set of digital controls. This EXC10EL comes in at a solid 17 X 20.5 inches, offering you a ton of drying room and a clear, glass cabinet that lets you keep watch over your food.

As far as counter-top food dehydrator go, it doesn’t get much better than this.

The Technical Stuff

The Excalibur Exc10el comes in at 63 pounds and measures 17 X 20.5 X 17 inches. It’s a 120-volt device, with 600 watts of power. The Exc10el is made of beautiful stainless steel, ensuring it’ll hold up to all sorts of surface-level damage.

Based on these measurements, you can probably tell that the Excalibur Exc10el isn’t the smallest dehydrator. It will, however, fit on your countertop without issue. Plus, the more space, the more food you can dehydrate.

The Excalibur Exc10el is NSF approved, meaning it meets the highest quality safety standards.

If you’re new to food dehydrating, the Excalibur Exc10el even comes with a guide to dehydration. This includes everything you need to know to get started. It also comes with instructions on how to use the Excalibur Dehydrator Exc10el.

The Excalibur Exc10el has adjustable heat settings between 95 and 165 degrees Farhenheit — more than enough to dehydrate anything you want.

A Heavy Duty Food Dehydrator

The Excalibur Exc10el is made for heavy-duty food dehydrating.

This dehydrator comes with a whopping 10 stainless steel trays. That equates to 16 square feet of space to dry your foods. If you’ve got a lot of food to dehydrate, you can get it done quicker than ever with the Excalibur Exc10el.

The Excalibur Exc10el can dehydrate anything you want, from fruits to vegetables to meat and nuts. You can make jerky with it, homemade yogurt, or even use it to help raise bread. Just remove all the stainless steel trays and it works as a great proofer!

The Excalibur Exc10el is made to last. Its stainless steel body and superior build quality let it stand up to any damage it may receive. It won’t weaken if you use it at high heat, and it’s very resistant to scratches.

Utilize Hyperwave Technology

The Excalibur Exc10el 10 tray dehydrator uses Hyperwave technology that helps it dehydrate your food perfectly.

Most other dehydrators will stick to one, set temperature when dehydrating your food. This might sound like a good thing, but it’s not. A constant temperature leads to case hardening, meaning a dry surface but a moist inside.

Inner moisture can lead to mold and bacteria growth. It’s simply not dehydrated food at this point.

Hyperwave technology adjusts the heat as the food dries, ensuring it finishes at the perfect point. It gets all the moisture out of the middle and leaves you with a consistently dehydrated product. You’ll be hard-pressed to find better results from another dehydrator.

Exceptional Airflow

Some dehydrators tend to have an airflow problem. They suffer from misplaced vents, and simply under-performing parts. The Excalibur Exc10el uses Parallexx airflow technology to offer you the best experience.

All the airflow components, like the fan, thermostat, and heating element, are in the back and on the bottom of the dehydrator. The appliance evenly heats up and distributes the cool air it brings in, adequately covering each tray.

Great airflow means a faster dehydrate, and a tastier, more nutritious result. You’re getting an all-over even dehydrating experience with the Excalibur Exc10el.

Dehydrate as Long as You Want

A common problem with dehydrators concerns their timer settings. Sometimes, the maximum allowed time isnt’ enough.

The Excalibur Exc10el comes with a 99-hour max timer. While you’ll likely never need to run your dehydrator that long, it’s good to have. If you’re undergoing a huge dehydrating project, it might come in handy.

Once the time runs out the dehydrator will turn off on its own. If you’re a busy or forgetful person, this is a great feature. You don’t have to worry about rushing to turn off your dehydrator if you get tied up doing something else!

Healthy & Diverse

If you’re new to the food dehydration game, you might not understand how good it is for you. The Excalibur Exc10el will let you reap the full health benefits of dehydrated food, and turn you into a believer.

Dehydrated food lasts longer, and lets you eat less while still feeling all the regular energy benefits. When you dehydrate fruit, for example, it concentrates all the sugar. This makes it smaller and easier to eat while losing none of the energy.

If you’re a backpacker, you’ll love the Excalibur Exc10el.

Dehydrated food also has more antioxidants and fiber. This includes more Beta Carotene, Iron, and Vitamin C.

Because the Excalibur Exc10el dehydrates food so perfectly, you’ll get the full benefits.

To top it all off, dehydrating food removes excess fillers and salt, and removes additives and preservatives. You can make your unhealthy food that little bit healthier with the Excalibur Exc10el.

You can dry just about anything with the Excalibur Exc10el. Meats, fruits, vegetables, herbs — it’s all on the table. You can even make yogurt, pet food, and fruit roll-ups! If you don’t love it, your kids absolutely will.

The Excalibur Exc10el: Is It Worth It?

We’re happy to announce that the Excalibur Exc10el is an amazing food dehydrator for amateur and experienced dehydrators alike. It gives you the most consistent, perfectly dehydrated foods possible. Whether you’re dehydrating fruits, vegetables, meats, or herbs, you will not be let down.

If you’re looking for some delicious recipes to try in your food dehydrator, check out our recipe page!

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