Tribest Sedona Combo SD p9150 Review

Dehydrated food is popular among raw food enthusiasts and those who live healthy lifestyles. It’s also popular among jerky lovers. Not only does dehydrated food last longer, but it makes for a great snack thanks to the chewy texture that takes over from the depletion of moisture.

There are a few ways to dehydrate your food. The most efficient and quickest way is by using a food dehydrator. If you’re thinking about investing in a food dehydrator, the Tribest Sedona Combo SD P9150-B is a great option. It’s also the one we’re reviewing below.

What Is a Food Dehydrator?

First thing’s first: what is a food dehydrator and how does it work?

A food dehydrator is a kitchen appliance that uses a heating element, air vents, and fans to slowly draw moisture from certain foods. Also referred to as food drying, this method is mainly used on fruits, vegetables, and meats. 

By dehydrating your food you can preserve your fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats while retaining their nutritional content and flavor at the same time. Dehydrated food can be eaten in its dry state or rehydrated with water later on. 

There are a lot of options for food dehydrators on the market today, and they can do a lot more than just preserve food

The Tribest Sedona Combo SD P9150

The Tribest Sedona Combo SD P1950-B is an innovative and high-end digital raw food dehydrator. It comes with all of the outstanding features that can provide raw food lovers with total convenience. It’s also one of the most compact dehydrators on the market.

The Sedona Combo’s most significant feature is its Two-Stage Sequential Temperature-timer (TST). The TST feature allows you to set a higher temperature at the beginning of the dehydration process which slowly lowers itself towards the end. This automatic feature helps to preserve the valuable enzymes of your raw food while dehydrating at a much faster pace. 

The Tribest Sedona Combo SD P9150 is made of BPA-free materials with a stainless steel handle and a large, tempered glass window. You have the option of purchasing the food dehydrator with BPA-free plastic trays or stainless steel trays (as an upgrade). Either option comes with nine trays, a compartment divider, and mesh tray screens.

Its other exceptional features include a digital thermostat, dual fan technology for whisper-quiet operation, internal LED lights, and two separate controlled heating elements—and two separate modes for dehydrating.

Fruits, vegetables, and other raw foods have varying dehydration needs. With the Sedona Combo SD P1950-B, you can accommodate them all. The SD P9150-B allows you to divide your dehydrator into two four-tray chambers to dehydrate multiple raw foods at the same time at varying temperatures. You can also set your dehydrator to RAW or FAST mode—or both—to take advantage of the TST feature. 

The compact dehydrator is also microprocessor-controlled. So, you can be sure that the temperature displayed on the outside matches the temperature on the inside. And, you can keep an eye on all the action thanks to its large, tempered glass window. 

Features and Specs:

The Tribest Sedona Combo SD P1950-B digital raw food dehydrator is packed to the brim with great features from the inside out:

  • Digital LED display and controls
  • Dual fan technology
  • Whisper-quiet operation
  • Tempered glass window
  • Two-Stage Sequential Temperature-Timer (TST)
  • BPA-free or stainless steel trays
  • BPA-free plastic mesh tray screens
  • Chamber divider tray
  • Debris mat for easy clean-up
  • Detachable power cord
  • Unit dimensions: 17″ W x 19.8″ D x 14.3″ H
  • Unit weight: 23.4 lbs (10.g kg)
  • Tray sizes: 15.25″ W x .25″ D x 13″ H
  • Power: 600W
  • Temperature range: 85-100°F (30-68°C)
  • The Tribest Sedona Combo Dehydrator has a five-year warranty

From the LED displays to the new TST feature, the SD P1950-B is user friendly and keeps your raw food’s enzymes and nutrients intact. 


The following are all the pros of the Tribest Sedona Combo SD P1950-B food dehydrator:

  • It has an easy to find On/Off switch so you don’t have to worry about detaching the power cord to power off or on.
  • The digital LED temperature is displayed in both Fahrenheit and Celsius in each drying section, so you never have to guess.
  • The dual fan technology is whisper-quiet but also comes equipped with a night mode setting. The night mode setting decreases the speed of each fan for an even more quiet operation while you sleep.
  • The dual fan technology is controlled digitally and allows for the heated air to be dispensed more uniformly. This makes the unit much more energy efficient.
  • Thanks to the large, tempered glass window, you can easily monitor the status of your food. No need to open and close the door letting precious heat escape.
  • The digital timer can easily be adjusted up to 99 hours or up to 150 hours of continuous operation on your preferred mode.
  • Its compact design allows the dehydrator to easily fit on just about any kitchen surface.
  • The entire dehydrator is made with BPA-free materials.
  • Both the plastic trays and stainless steel trays are dishwasher friendly for easy cleaning.
  • It has multiple air vents that allow for easy airflow as well as the movement of heated air throughout the dehydrator. 

Tribest is also a renowned name in kitchen appliances that benefit healthy lifestyles.


The following are the cons of the Tribest Sedona Combo SD P1950-B food dehydrator:

  • During the first few uses, the dehydrator tends to give off an odor similar to that of burning plastic. 
  • The temperature setting isn’t 100 percent accurate for the middle rack food
  • Slow dehydrating times
  • The price

The burning smell is typical of most new food dehydrators and does go away after the first few uses. As a reminder, it’s necessary to thoroughly clean your new food dehydrator before using it. This will help with any first-use odors. 

Get Dehydrated

The Tribest Sedona Combo SD P9150-B Digital Raw Food Dehydrator is a worthwhile investment for anyone looking to preserve medium to large amounts of fresh food.

Don’t think the SD P9150-B is right for you? Reach out to us today and we’ll help guide you to the right food dehydrator for your needs.

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