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Ivation Food Dehydrator Review


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If you’re on the lookout for a food dehydrator that you can enjoy making homemade easy healthy snacks, without worrying about additives or preservatives, or worrying about buying costly commercially dehydrated foods, then look no further than the Ivation Food Dehydrator.

If you are thinking of getting the Ivation 6 Tray Countertop Digital Food Dehydrator you have come to the right place. In this Ivation dehydrator review we will tell you more about its features, pros, cons and at the end, you will decide if this is the right dehydrator for your food dehydrating needs.

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Ivation food dehydrator has some excellent features. It comes with a rear-mounted fan and also has air flow circulation technology to support even drying without the dehydrator overheating, with this feature you won’t need to rotate the shelves. Another cool feature this dehydrator has is preset adjustable thermostat with automatic shutoff; this makes sure that the food is dehydrated at best possible temperature and optimal crispiness.

The food dehydrator has six adjustable drying shelves, which makes it ideal for meat, fish, beef, poultry, fruits and vegs, snacks and much more. The food dehydrator comes with solid and mesh sheets that you can use for liquid-based foods and smaller sized foods.


•    It has a digital thermostat which has eight temperature levels from 95º F To 158º F

•    It has an automatic shutoff timer

•    It has a rear mounted fan for even drying

•    It has six spacious adjustable drying racks

•    It also comes with one nonstick fine mesh sheet for drying small Foods and one solid sheet for making fruit roll-ups

•    The Ivation 6 tray dehydrator has 480 watts of power

•    Its dimensions are (17.71 x 13.58 x 12.40 inch)


•    This dehydrator is perfect for dehydrating fruit slices, herbs, beef jerky and more.

•    There are six drying racks which are excellent for drying lots of food, and this is also great for people with large families, athletes, people who love camping, hiking and health-conscious enthusiasts

•    The Ivation food dehydrator is very reasonably priced

•    It is easy to use and doesn’t take too much space.

•    It comprises of BPA free materials

•    It has a drip tray which collects any residue from the dried foods


•    Can take some getting used to when first operating the food dehydrator.

•    The food dehydrating can take quite some time.


Ivation food dehydrator is an excellent choice for dehydrating a variety of foods. It is a reasonably priced dehydrator and offers you temperature and timer settings which usually only higher-end models of the dehydrators have. This dehydrator gives you flexibility along with amazing features. You can merely make dehydrated fruit slices, dehydrated herbs, mouth-watering beef jerky and more with ease.

The Ivation food dehydrator is easy to clean, dries the food well, and gives the user ease of control. It is not the cheapest dehydrator out there, but you won’t need a loan to get this kitchen appliance.

There is not anything more you could ask from a mid-range food dehydrator. We can recommend this Ivation dehydrator model for anyone who wants to make their dehydrated snacks, meats, vegetables, fruits with no hassle.

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