Best Food Dehydrators: Top 5 Picks in 2022

This review will look at some of the most popular and best food dehydrators available on the market. Finding the best of them is not the most straightforward task, so we did all the hard work so you can relax.

Please sit back and find out about the great features of these food dehydrators and what they have to offer. We will also provide you with the necessary guidance to go out and buy the one you like in this lineup.

Here we are going to find out how the food dehydrators we found can help you and whether they are healthy to use. So without further ado, let’s take a look at the best food dehydrators so you can make the best decision for your needs, budget, and preferences.

Best Food Dehydrators Reviews

Food Dehydrator From Cosori

This company makes a wide range of food dehydrators and similar appliances in various sizes and configurations. Many years of experience in this industry give them the edge to create the best products, which can be seen in this food dehydrator.

Product Highlights

One can adjust this food dehydrator from Cosori to allow large spaces between each and every tray to increase the size. This means you can quickly put larger pieces of food on the trays to increase the versatility of the dehydrator.

With a low noise operation, this device is so quiet you will not even know it is working at only 47dB. The easy-to-use and clear display make it easy to select the features you want to use with your food dehydrator.

With a wide range of temperature settings at your disposal, this food dehydrator can be used with many different types of food. The timer can be used for many different timer settings from only 30 minutes up to 48 hours and everything in between.

You will never be out of options or ideas with the 50 recipes you get in the free recipe booklet. With an overheat protection feature, the device will shut itself off if it gets too hot for your safety.

The Good

With as many as five trays to use for dehydrating your food, you have a lot of space to use. It is easy to clean this food dehydrator from Cosori after every use, and the plastic trays are dishwasher safe for quick and easy cleaning.

The Bad

The large grid trays will allow smaller pieces of food to fall through quickly, so you should primarily use the solid trays. The air from the fan can be contaminated because it does not have an air filter to prevent that.


  • You have up to five trays to increase the overall surface
  • Made with solid and durable plastic materials to last
  • It is effortless to clean this food dehydrator
  • You get a recipe booklet with many recipes you can try out


  • The grids of some of the trays are a bit too large
  • It does not have a filter to clean the air

Ostba Food Dehydrator Machine

This manufacturer gives you excellent quality and craftsmanship to give you the peace of mind that you have a good product. You can choose between one that works with a one-touch digital menu, or you can opt for one that operates with selector knobs.

Product Highlights

To increase the space between shelves for larger pieces of food, you need to turn them around. We mentioned that it was one of the things we did not like, but you still have more space at your disposal.

With an ample 360-degree airflow, all your food will get enough air circulation at the same time for even dehydration. The automatic circulation fan will keep up the flow to save you time in dehydrating your food in a short time.

Cleaning this device will be a breeze by using only a damp cloth for a quick wipe down to save time. The covers and shelves can be cleaned in the dishwasher to keep your food dehydrator in the best condition.

More nutrients are preserved with very accurate temperature control that provides you with a range of temperatures for food dehydration. The stainless steel materials used in this piece of equipment will help it to last longer and give you many hours of food preparation.

The Good

You have a lot of space to use for dehydrating a large variety of food types with this food dehydrator from Ostba. It comes with an easy-to-use and straightforward manual, so you do not have a steep learning curve in using this device.

The Bad

You can not adjust the height of the trays to increase the space between shelves. However, you can turn them around to increase the space. This food dehydrator will take a long time to make jerky because it doesn’t remove the moisture quickly enough.


  • It comes with ample surface space for more food dehydration
  • Safe to use BPA free plastic trays
  • Easy to use and clear display with one-touch controls
  • This food dehydrator has a durable construction to make it last longer


  • The shelves of this device can not be easily adjusted to increase space
  • It is not ideal for making homemade jerky

Elite Gourmet Stainless Steel Food Dehydrator

This brand of food processing equipment has come a long time, and people trust them to make only the best quality appliances. You will not be disappointed with the range of dehydrators you get from Elite Gourmet as they all come with the same trusted craftsmanship you are used to.

Product Highlights

With up to five trays at your disposal, you have a lot of space to pack the food you need to dehydrate in one setting. One can adjust the space between the trays, so you have enough space between them for dehydrating larger pieces of food.

Stainless steel trays will increase the overall lifespan of your dehydrator so that you can use it for many years for food preparation. The overall design of this device is enough to increase the durability further and give you many hours of food dehydration.

You have different temperatures to select from for different food hydration and dehydration types. Even though it may take a bit longer, you can easily dry meat for those who love jerky and other dry meat products.

The fan included with this food dehydrator from Elite Gourmet will help to improve the circulation of air evenly through the shelves. This will, in fact, reduce the time needed for hydration and dehydration of your food.

The Good

First of all, this food dehydrator comes with an excellent low price tag attached to it so everyone out there can enjoy it. This is great for those people who do not have a flexible budget to pick and choose their food preparing appliances.

The Bad

No convenient digital controls can be found on this food dehydrator, which might not be suitable for those used to this type of convenience. The trays need to be inserted precisely the right way to get this to work correctly, which may take some time to get used to.


  • It has durable stainless steel mesh trays to last a long time
  • This food dehydrator comes with an affordable price tag attached to it
  • It comes with a wide temperature range to select
  • You have adjustable tray heights to increase space between shelves


  • It does not come with a convenient digital control panel
  • There is a learning curve involved before you will be able to use it properly

Magic Mill Stainless Steel Food Dehydrator Machine

With the BPA-free materials used in making this commercial food dehydrator, you have a safe device to use at home. With the many great features built into this device, you have a wide selection of tasty snacks that can be made in it.

Product Highlights

You get superior and thorough heat distribution with the fan mounted at the rear of the food dehydrator. This means it will drastically cut the time to hydrate or dehydrate your many different types of food in this appliance.

This feature means that you do not need to rotate the shelves so all the food can be dried in the same amount of time. This will save a lot of time and effort when you use this food dehydrator in your kitchen for food preparation.

The stainless steel trays can be adjusted to increase the space between the shelves for larger pieces of food. It is designed with a small mesh grid to safely put even tiny pieces of fruit and food for quick dehydration.

An automatic timer will shut off when the selected period of food hydration is completed, so you do not need to worry about that. The dishwasher-safe trays can be easily cleaned while keeping this food dehydrator clean is easy and quick.

The Good

The high maximum load capacity of 13 pounds of this food dehydrator from Magic Mill means you can prepare a lot in one session. This food dehydrator from Magic Mill comes with many great features to make your life of food dehydration easier.

The Bad

The high price tag attached to this appliance will make those with a tight budget go for another food dehydrator. Only one color to choose from is also not ideal. Many would like to have a variety of colors for versatility in their kitchen.


  • This commercial dehydrator comes with a high maximum load capacity
  • You get an excellent drip pan with this kitchen appliance
  • It has a durable design and construction
  • Very easy to set it up and operate the food dehydrator
  • Great for making beef jerky, banana chips, fruit roll ups, fruit leathers and, other dried snacks!


  • It comes with a high price tag attached to it
  • There is just this one color to choose from

Hamilton Beach 32100A Digital Food Dehydrator

If you are looking for a food dehydrator with all the features you need and desire, this is the one to go for. It is designed to display nicely in your kitchen setup and be functional enough to be used for various food types.

Product Highlights

The largely square shape of the trays makes it easy to optimize the space at your disposal for the evenly spreading of food. This also means that you have a lot of surface space at your disposal to dehydrate everything in just one session.

A transparent lid makes it easy to monitor the food and keep an eye on it to watch the progress while dehydrating your food. An even drying for all the food simultaneously is possible with the excellent air rotation you have with this food dehydrator.

The digital thermostat allows adjusting the temperature even while it is operating to increase the device’s effectiveness. You have up to 48-hour timer settings with an automatic time cut-off for saving you time and effort.

With up to five trays that can be stacked on top of each other, it will increase the maximum space available for food preparation. The compact design of this food dehydrator makes it easy to store when it is not in use.

The Good

The fine mesh shelves added to this food dehydrator make it easy to be used with even the most petite types of foods. One can dehydrate various food types with this appliance provided by Hamilton Beach, which makes it quite versatile.

The Bad

With the many great features added to this food dehydrator, it has become difficult to use by beginners. The loud operating noise of this food dehydrator from Hamilton beach might be a bit off-putting for many people out there.


  • One can dehydrate small foods on the fine mesh
  • Durable construction to last for a long time
  • Safe to be used with an automatic shut off option
  • It can be used for a wide range of food drying and dehydrating applications


  • This food dehydrator is not ideal for beginner level people
  • Food dehydrator is quite noisy while working

Buyers Guide

To go out there and buy a food dehydrator for yourself, you need to know a few things to make it easier. We compiled this information guide, so you know what you are looking for in the perfect food dehydrator.

We also added some questions that are often asked to keep you up to date regarding the best food dehydrator. This will help you know what you are talking about while on the lookout for one that suits your needs.

But let’s not waste any more time and jump right in with the information that will make you look good out there.

Types Of Food Dehydrators

There are different types of dehydrators on the market with many different configurations and features, but there are only two main types.

Stack Type

These dehydrators come in many different shapes and can be square in shape or round, depending on the brand and model. In these types, the shelves are stacked on top of each other, with the food distributed on top of the shelves.

The fan is located at the bottom and temperatures are more challenging to control with this type.

Box Type

The box type of food dehydrator is made with a rigid frame and door at the front in the standard kitchen appliance configuration. In this dehydrator, the shelves are slid into the slots designed for it from the front while the door is open.

With the fan located at the rear of this type of hydrator, you have much better temperature control.

Size And Capacity

The box type of food dehydrators are, in essence, more extensive and have more interior space for a larger number of drying shelves. On the other hand, the stack-type food dehydrators can adjust the space between the shelves to increase air circulation.

This feature also helps the stack-type dehydrator accommodate large food pieces if needed.

Materials Used In Food Dehydrators

Most stack-type food dehydrators are made from food-grade plastic materials to make them lightweight and cheaper. The shelves are made from substantial stainless steel mesh or plastic with a mesh grid and even solid plastic.

Box dehydrators are made with a sturdy stainless steel frame and steel mesh shelves that make them last much longer. They are made with a see-through door made from glass or plastic so you can keep an eye on the food.

Temperature Range

Most of these food dehydrators have a temperature range of 90 degrees Fahrenheit and up to 165 degrees and even a bit more. The average temperature used in stack-type dehydrators is in the range of 95 degrees and up to 160 degrees.

The box-type can reach higher temperatures because of the better temperature control inside the box.


Because not everyone has a huge budget to work with, price is relevant. The more features a dehydrator has, the more expensive it will be. In most cases, the stacked type is a bit cheaper than the boxed type because of the larger size and different materials used.

But that is not always the case, and the prices may differ very little between these two types of food dehydrators.

Where Can You Find Dehydrators for Sale?

Trying to choose the best model for yourself can be overwhelming with so many choices available. Thankfully, there are lots of fantastic options accessible both online and in stores right around you!

Online retailers like Amazon and eBay have a huge selection of dehydrators at competitive prices, as well as customer reviews that can help you make the best choice. It’s also a great way to compare models and costs from the comfort of your own home.

If you prefer to shop in person, many department stores also carry dehydrators.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Do Food Dehydrators Do?

Food dehydrators are primarily used to remove the moisture from the food and dry it to have a longer shelf life. In most cases, low heat and air ventilation are used to remove the water content from the food.

Q: How To Use a Food Dehydrator

Using a food dehydrator is not that difficult, but we will take you through the steps of getting started for the first time.

  1. First, remove the appliance from the box and put everything in place according to the instruction manual.
  2. Wipe the dehydrator out with a clean damp cloth to get rid of all the dust from the inside and dry completely.
  3. Now you should run it for about 20 minutes before adding the food you want to dry to see if everything works properly.
  4. Follow those instructions and spread the shelves you are going to use on an open space like a table or kitchen top.
  5. Evenly distribute the food on the stainless steel mesh shelves so it can all receive good air circulation.
  6. Place the shelves with the food on them in their designated places inside the dehydrator.
  7. Select the appropriate program according to the manual for the dehydration process and set the timer accordingly.
  8. Leave the food inside until it shuts off and see whether the fruit is dry and then enjoy!

See the following video for unboxing and the complete instructions for using a food dehydrator.

Q: What Foods Can You Dehydrate?

All types of vegetables and fruits can be dehydrated in these dehydrators to make snacks that can last a bit longer. Most of these dehydrators can also be used to dry meat like beef and chicken for those people who love meat jerky.

Q: Is Dehydrated Food Healthy?

Natural dried food is healthy as you consume it naturally, with most of the nutrients still left in it. Most dried fruits are also low in sugar content, so you can easily control sugar intake in your daily diet.

Dry food can also be added to various recipes and can be used in salads to increase your nutrients.

Q: Does Dehydrating Food Take Away Nutrients?

As mentioned already, most nutrients are still left inside the dried food, which means they are nutrient-rich. The low heat and air do not break down the vitamins and minerals in the food, leaving you with most of the nutrients.

Dried food is a bit healthier than canned goods, so the answer is you still receive most of the nutrients.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it – the top options when it comes to food dehydrators. The best of them is the versatile food dehydrator from Magic Mill, which comes with a sturdy design and fine mesh stainless steel shelves. The more affordable Hamilton Beach digital food dehydrator is in second place with its versatility and durable construction and many great features added.

These are the best food dehydrator consumer reports that can help you decide which one is the best for your needs.

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