5 Dehydrated Food Recipes Your Dog Will Love

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According to research, raw meat-based diets have bacteria and parasites in them.

Want to feed your dog a different kind of food? Not to worry! We are going to show you some easy dehydrated food recipes you can make for your furry pooch. They will be sure to love them.

Want to learn more? Keep reading to find out about the best dehydrated dog food recipes!

Dehydrated Food Recipes for Dogs

Want to make your pet a nutritious and tasty snack? Check out these five recipes for treats and suppers they will love!

Mix Blend of Dog Treats

You’ll need sliced sweet potatoes and bananas. Also, use up any leftover chicken, cooked celery, and carrots.

Place all these cooked ingredients in a food processor. Puree the chicken, celery, and carrots, then spread them on a silicone sheet that is on top of the dehydrator tray.

Place the banana and sweet potato slices on another rack. Bake these overnight at 125 degrees. Cut the chicken mixture into strips and lay them apart on the silicone sheet.

Continue to bake these until everything’s dried well. Remove pieces that dry quicker than others.

The drying process for these can take up to 24 hours.

Chicken Jerky Treats

This is a simple recipe that your canine will love! Buy skinless and boneless chicken breasts and trim off the fat.

Cut the chicken breasts into 1/8 thick pieces. Lay these slices out on your dehydrator tray and dry them out between 4 to 12 hours long.

Thicker slices will take longer to dehydrate. Wondering if it’s done? Slice a piece in half. If the middle is moisture free and dry, with the same color, you’ve got a finished treat.

Sweet Potato Dog Chews

This is a great treat and healthy. Scrub your yams or sweet potatoes. Don’t worry about peeling them, make sure you remove any green areas.

Slice them into 1/8 pieces. Once again, lay them out on the dehydrator tray. Dry them for 3 – 12 hours.

You’ll know they’re done if you can flex and twist them without it breaking apart. If you want to make a crunchier chew, slice the sweet potatoes into thinner slices.

Read our article about important things to know before dehydrating sweet potatoes.

Simple Liver Dog Snacks

Slice your liver into 1/8 pieces. If you don’t want to slice it, you can buy it already sliced. Lay these slices out on your dehydrator tray and dry them for about 3-12 hours.

Make sure the middle is moisture free and dry. The color should be the same throughout the piece.

Dried Banana Dog Treats

With this recipe, you want to make sure you buy firm bananas. Slice the fruit into 1/8 pieces. Place the slices out on your dehydrator and let them dry for 3-12 hours.

Is Dehydrated Food Good For Dogs?

Is dehydrated food good for dogs? Absolutely! dehydrated food is created from real, whole foods free from any added preservatives or artificial ingredients. This means that you can give your pet the nutrition they need without the added hassle and cost of kibble.

The Benefits of Dehydrated Dog Food

Nutritional Benefits

Dried food helps keep some of the nutritional content unchanged, which means that some of the vitamins, minerals and other beneficial components do not get destroyed during the dehydrating process. This makes dried dog food an excellent choice for pups with special dietary needs or sensitivities to certain ingredients. Plus, because it maintains its nutritional content better than canned or kibble-based diets, you can be sure that your pup is getting optimal nutrition from its meals.

Convenience and Storage

Dehydrated dog food is convenient since it doesn’t require any refrigeration (as long as you properly seal it) and can be stored longer than fresh foods.

No Added Preservatives

One important benefit of dehydrated food is that no preservatives are added during production; natural ingredients such as fruits, vegetables, and meats are used in their recipes. This makes them ideal for those who want to feed their pets a safe snack, a natural diet free from chemicals or artificial additives.

Please note that this is not a professional medical advice, always speak with your veterinarian before making any dietary changes for your pet.

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