7 Best Dehydrator Accessories: Mesh Screens, Sheets, and More

Do you know the magic of dehydration? It revolutionizes the way you handle fruits, meats, herbs, and more! The true magic, however, lies not only in the appliance itself but also in the best dehydrator accessories. Think about it: how could you dehydrate thinly sliced apples to get that perfect crispness without a mandoline slicer, or store your jerky neatly without helpful storage accessories? Impossible, right? 

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or an excited newbie with your first dehydrator, having the right accessories can elevate your dehydration game from pretty good to absolutely marvelous! From trays to extra thin slicers and magic sheets, there’s a world awaiting your discovery. So, are you ready to amp up your dehydration prowess and make the most of your appliance? Let’s dive into this remarkable world together, exploring the best dehydrator accessories that every cook needs. Guaranteed, you’ll be wowed by the sheer potential these little wonders offer to your culinary adventures.

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The Ultimate Guide to Dehydrator Accessories

So, are you looking to elevate your dehydrating game to the next level? You’re in the right place! Yes, a dehydrator could be a game-changer in your kitchen, but the right accessories? Those are the secret ingredients that can make all the difference. Lucky for you, we’ve gathered the best of the best dehydrator accessories you should consider adding to your culinary arsenal. Let’s dive in! 

1. Dehydrator Sheets 

Dehydrator sheets are a must-have for any dehydrator enthusiast. These sheets work miracles, preventing food from sticking and making the clean-up process a breeze. Can you imagine just pulling off the sheet, washing it, and voila – a clean food dehydrator! Plus, with the reactive nature of food items, these non-stick, BPA free, and heat-resistant sheets become a vital safety component in your dehydrating process. 

Fruit leather sheets are a must-have addition to your dehydrating arsenal. They are perfect for drying small or sticky items that could fall through the dehydrator trays, like berries or fruit roll-ups. Go for BPA-free, non-stick versions for a healthy and hassle-free dehydrating experience.

2. Food Slicer 

Now, what’s an artist without their brush, or in our case, the dehydrator without a food slicer? The beauty of dehydration lies in uniformity, and that’s exactly what a food slicer offers. It helps in maintaining the consistency and evenness of your food slices, ensuring that they all dehydrate at the same rate. Trust me; this precision tool will make your dehydrating sessions much more efficient. 

3. Vacuum Sealer 

Dehydrated food, while delicious and convenient, can be a magnet for bacteria and moisture if not stored properly. Here’s where the vacuum sealer comes in! It helps sealing your dehydrated food, thus ensuring their freshness for an extended period. This way, you can enjoy your dehydrated fruits, vegetables, or meat anytime you crave them! Isn’t that a comforting thought? 

4. Jerky Gun 

Are you a jerky lover? If you are, then a jerky gun should definitely be a part of your toolkit. This nifty accessory helps you create uniform strips or sticks of meat for perfect, mouth-watering beef jerky. Just load it up, squeeze, and you’ve got yourself homemade strips ready to be dehydrated! 

5. Thermometer and Timer 

Here’s a game-changing duo – a thermometer and a timer. Dehydrating is a dance of precision – too high a temperature or too long a duration, and your food could lose its nutrients or become too dry. With a thermometer and a timer, you’ll have complete control over the dehydration process, helping maintain the quality of your food. Now that’s a win! 

6. Food Grinders

Ah, the mighty food grinder – where would any serious cook be without this truly indispensable bit of kit? If you’re involved in dehydrating food, then you’re bound to love a food grinder! Are you wondering why? Let’s dive into the fascinating world of food grinders and their role in the dehydration process. 

Consider this: you’ve got a tray full of beautifully dehydrated fruits or perfectly seasoned jerky just waiting to work their magic in a hearty, gourmet recipe. But there’s one more step needed – you need to grind them up to your desired consistency. This is where a food grinder comes into play! 

Food grinders are perfect for pulverizing dehydrated fruits, spices, and herbs into powders or granulated substances. It’s like having your very own secret weapon in the kitchen. Homemade spice blends? Effortless. Your very own fruit powder for smoothies and granola? Oh-so-simple! Food grinders have the power to bring your dehydrated food creations to a whole new level. 

However, all food grinders are not created equal. There are several types to consider, such as manual grinders and electric grinders, each with their own strengths. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back! Look for these features when shopping for your ideal food grinder: 

  • Build quality: Look for durable materials like stainless steel for longevity and reliable performance.
  • Size: Consider the grinder’s capacity. It should match the quantity of food you plan to process.
  • Easy to clean: Very important! A dishwasher-safe, easily disassembled grinder makes cleanup a breeze.
  • Versatility: Different grind settings allow you to have control over the final output – from coarse to fine grain.

The Essentials of Dehydrator Accessories 

Stepping into the world of food dehydration? Then, you’re in the right place! The right accessories can make the process easier, and exponentially expand the range of foods you can dehydrate. Let’s explore these must-have dehydrator accessories that you absolutely need to get your hands on! 

1. Silicone Dehydrator Sheets 

Nothing sticks! This is the absolute charm of silicone dehydrator sheets. Meant to be used with round or square trays, they ensure your food doesn’t stick to the racks, making clean-up a breeze. Like GUCUJI’s Non-Stick Silicone Dehydrator Sheets. These top-rated sheets are FDA approved, designed for optimal air flow, and can tolerate temperatures up to 428℉! 

2. Dehydrator Mesh Screens 

Ever had tiny pieces of dried food falling through the food dehydrator trays? Then, dehydrator mesh screens, such as Bluedrop Pack of 5 Dehydrator Screens, are what you need! They provide the delicate balance needed between air flow and food size, making sure you’re not losing any of your dried goodies. 

3. Silicone Muffin Cups 

Silicone muffin cups, like Ozera Silicone Cupcake Liners, take dehydrating to the next level. Imagine dehydrating an egg or your favourite yogurt to snack on later. Dreamy, isn’t it? Not only can you dehydrate more types of food, but you can also control the shapes! 

4. Jerky Gun 

Do you love homemade jerky but find shaping it hard? Then, you need a jerky gun!

The LEM Products Jerky Cannon is amongst the best in town. It doesn’t only shape your meat, it also ensures your jerky is consistent in size, enhancing its dehydrating process. 

5. Food Vacuum Sealer 

Lasting freshness is what every dehydrator owner strives for. That’s when a food vacuum sealer comes to the rescue. Foodsaver V2244 Vacuum Sealer Machine is a compact and trusted choice for storing dehydrated food. It offers an air-tight seal, ensuring your food stays crisp and fresh longer. 

6. Airtight Glass Storage Jars 

Speaking of storage, let’s not forget airtight glass jars. These are perfect for keeping your dehydrated food fresh, crunchy, and ready to eat. The Le Parfait French Super Jars are stylish, durable, and come with an airtight rubber seal. Plus, they’re a decorative addition to your kitchen! 

7. Digital Thermometer 

The quality of your dehydrating process largely depends on temperature control. A digital thermometer like ThermoPro TP03 Digital Instant Read Meat Thermometer gives you precision and speed to ensure you’re dehydrating at the optimal temperature. 

8. Dehydrating Time & Temperature Guide 

Not sure how long to dehydrate or at what temperature? A guide like Complete Dehydrator Cookbook from Carole Cancler is a cheat-sheet you’ll find yourself turning to quite often. This paperback guide offers you a quick check for the times and temperatures for dehydrating various foods. 

With these accessories in your culinary arsenal, you’re all set to embark on your food dehydration journey. Ready, set, dehydrate!

So, are you ready to transform your dehydrating game with these accessories? Remember, the magic in the kitchen doesn’t just come from the food you make, but also the tools you use to make them. With these accessories in your toolkit, you’re set to become the dehydrating maestro you were meant to be! Happy dehydrating!

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