Westinghouse Food Dehydrator Review

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People love snacking on the go or at home, and with the Westinghouse food dehydrator, now you can make your own delicious treats. With this device, you will easily be able to create savory treats like apple or banana chips, beef jerky, and fruit roll-ups and you can happily tell your family and friends the dehydrated food is truly homemade. It comes with a thermostat range of 95-158 degrees Fahrenheit; it gives you excellent flexibility as you try your skill at drying vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, herbs, and more. The five stackable trays provide you choice for thin or thick slices.

More and more people are drying food at home because of the huge savings plus people don’t like the store bought foods with preservatives and additives, with food dehydrators you get to control what you eat.

Best Uses for the Westinghouse Food Dehydrator

Fruit or Vegetables

This appliance can easily and quickly make tasty healthy and natural snacks from vegetables to fruits.

Beef Jerky

With this device you can save a great deal of money and time in cooking beef jerky from the convenience of your home/apartment to your liking. It’s also an excellent snack for your pet.

Flowers or Herbs

If you want to dry a bouquet or preserve your flowers for potpourri what better way then to use the Westinghouse food dehydrator.

3D Items

Have you ever thought about dehydrating your 3D objects safely, all you need to do is simply adjust the shelves and temperature to your requirements and let the food dehydrator do its work.


Lots of Space for a Variety Of Foods

You get a large choice of items to dry with its five stacking trays, and you won’t need to worry about where to put your food. With all that space in the Westinghouse dehydrator, you won’t need to be scared about overcrowding your foods; this allows the device to perform at maximum efficiency.



  • This device comes with an easy to use control panel. Thanks to its knob style switch you can adjust and observe the temperature settings, it gives you more control of the dehydrator. To turn off the device, you can simply switch it off by manually clicking the off button, to turn it on push the on button.

Adjustable Thermostat

  • The Westinghouse food dehydrator has a temperature setting from 95 to 158 degrees Fahrenheit; this is perfect for a variety of foods. Nuts, vegetables, herbs, fruits, seeds, and meats including venison, and fish can be dried in this device, some of these foods can be used for many purposes.
  • You have to consider that every food has different drying times and temperature settings. You also have to think about the moisture content of the foods, and the level of consistency and crispiness of the taste. Temperature and humidity is something you have to look at when dehydrating your food, so you have to make sure the environment the dehydrator is in is not affecting your dry food.
  • For a dehydrator to operate correctly, it should have adequate air circulation, the reason for this is so that it can support even drying and secondly to eliminate the need to rotate the trays.


Stacking Trays

  • This dehydrator comes with five stackable trays. This gives the user adequate space to dry their foodstuffs.
  • The trays are dishwasher safe. Remember to wash the stackable trays when you first use them and also when you dry meat make sure to add a thin layer of cooking spray this will give you the best results in dehydrating the meat. Also, wash the trays after you have dried your foods, this is good for keeping them operating for longer.
  • The trays can easily be stacked on one another, and the lid can sit at the top without any issues. Loading and removing the trays is a simple task; this is something that many buyers love in a food dehydrator as they don’t want to be spending so much time assembling the trays.
  • Another useful feature of this device is that it can be rotated 180 degrees, which is also great for larger pieces of food to fit on the trays. How to use this feature should be in the Westinghouse food dehydrator manual.


  • You can use Westinghouse food dehydrator to prepare homemade dog treats including dried food for meals and snacks which can be used for everyday use and also is excellent for hikers and campers.
  • It comes with an advanced airflow dehydrating system which gives some fantastic results.
  • This dehydrator has compact dimensions which is great for small sized kitchen countertops and can be put safely away.
  • It comes with an adjustable thermostat which makes it easier for the user to set the right temperature for different types of food for drying.
  • This device comes with an easy to understand display panel and control for the temperature settings including an on/off button.
  • It comes with five trays with ample capacity for drying foods for small families.
  • The design of the Westinghouse food dehydrator looks good.
  • It also has good airflow for effective dehydrating.


  • Some customers have complained that plastic parts are not durable.
  • One customer has said after two months of use the fan starts to make a loud noise.
  • No auto- timer shutoff, so you have to switch off the machine manually.


The Westinghouse food dehydrator is a basic machine with adjustable temperature, five trays and a fan with good airflow but only one downside it does not come with an auto shutoff feature. If the auto shutoff is something that does not bother you, then the Westinghouse food dehydrator is the best choice, if you’re looking for an affordable food dehydrator with a capacity adequate for a small family’s food dehydrating needs, then this is an excellent choice.

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