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Review of the Cabela’s 10-Tray Deluxe Dehydrator


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Cabela’s 10-Tray Deluxe Dehydrator is an excellent product for those who love to spend time in the kitchen. It has some nice features that will make your life easier when you are dehydrating food. For example, suppose you have ever used a dehydrator before. In that case, you know how important it is to properly regulate the temperature and humidity of the air inside of the machine. The Cabela’s 10-Tray Deluxe model does this with ease! Just set your desired temperature and watch as your food comes out perfect every time!

Cabela’s 10-Tray Deluxe Dehydrator

Who Would Use the Cabela’s 10-Tray Deluxe Dehydrator?

The Cabela’s 10 Tray Deluxe Dehydrator is perfect for those who love to dehydrate in large batches. This dehydrator can accommodate up to 10 trays of food at a time, making it ideal for those who like to dry large quantities of items at once. This dehydrator is also great for people looking to save money as we know that dehydrated foods in stores are often more expensive.

If you love beef jerky, you will love the Cabela’s 10-Tray Deluxe Dehydrator.

What’s Included?

  • 1 x Cabela 10 Tray Food Dehydrator
  • 1 x User Manual


Let’s take a closer look at the features of this product.

  • This machine has an adjustable thermostat that goes 80 up to 175° Fahrenheit.
  • It comes with a reference guide, so you know how to use it properly.
  • It comes with a detachable drip tray and drying trays that are easy to clean and maintain while durable, enough to last for some time because of the polypropylene material.
  • The Cabela’s Deluxe model has an on and off switch.
  • This machine provides 1,409 square inches of drying space over ten trays.
  • It weighs 20.9 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 20.5″Lx14.4″Wx16.2″H
  • The Cabela’s 10-tray deluxe dehydrator features a powerful, rear-mounted 900W power.
  • It has a fold-down door with magnetic closure and a see-through acrylic viewing window that lets you easily monitor your food.

The adjustable thermostat on the Cabela’s 10-Tray Deluxe Dehydrator allows you to dehydrate various foods at their ideal temperature, ensuring perfectly dehydrated foods every time. The 80- to 175° Fahrenheit temp range is perfect for dehydrating meats, fruits, and vegetables.

You get a handy reference guide for those new to dehydrating foods as it provides instructions on how to dehydrate various foods.

The detachable drip tray and drying trays are great for easy cleaning.

We like that the ON/OFF and dials are at the front for easy access.

There is plenty of space to dehydrate large quantities of food with ten spacious drying trays.

The Cabela dehydrator weighs 20.9 lbs and measures 20.5″Lx14.4″Wx16.2″H”, making it a bit heavier and larger than some other dehydrators on the market.

The powerful rear-mounted 900W motor and air flow circulation fans make this dehydrator operate quietly and efficiently.

The fold-down glass door is convenient and allows you to monitor the dehydrating process without opening the door and disturbing the temperature.

The side-mounted air slots promote even air circulation throughout the Cabela 10 Tray Dehydrator.


  • Let’s talk about the see-through viewing window that comes with this machine. This is an excellent part of the appliance because it lets you monitor your food while it’s in the process of dehydrating. This keeps you from constantly standing over the machine and opening it up.
  • Cabela’s has a great customer service department that can answer any questions you may have about your new dehydrator. The company also offers an excellent warranty on their products, which tells you how much they stand behind them!
  • Another feature I love is that Cabela’s 10 Tray Dehydrator provides an adjustable thermostat. This helps to ensure that your food is dried at the right temperature for each type of fruit or vegetable you are drying and prevents any over-drying!
  • Removable drip tray and drying trays are easy to clean.
  • A guide is included with the purchase.
  • No tray rotation is needed.
  • We like that it has ten trays.
  • It is lightweight and easy to move around your kitchen.


  • The Cabela’s Deluxe model takes up a lot of counter space in your kitchen.
  • The trays are not dishwasher safe.

How to Use It

  • Using Cabela’s food dehydrator is easy. First, choose what you want to dehydrate and then prepare your food accordingly.
  • Once your food is prepared, you can dehydrate it by turning on the machine and setting the temperature.
  • You can then load the dehydrator trays with the prepared food. Ensure you don’t overcrowd the trays, as this will disrupt the dehydrating process.
  • Once the Cabela’s dehydrator is turned on and set to the correct temperature, the food will begin dehydrating. The amount of time it takes for your food to dry will depend on various factors such as the type of food, the thickness of the slices, and the temperature.
  • You can check on the progress of your dehydrating food by opening Cabela’s dehydrator door and looking inside. Do not open it too often, as this will let out heat and moisture and slow the dehydrating process.
  • Once the food is dehydrated, you can turn off the Cabela’s dehydrator and let the food cool down.
  • Store it in an air-tight container.


Harvester Pro 5-Tier Dehydrator By Cabela’s

If you’re looking for an alternative to Cabela’s 10-Tray Deluxe Dehydrator, you might want to consider the Cabela’s Harvester Pro 5-Tier Dehydrator. This product is a bit smaller and lighter than the 10 tray edition, making it more convenient for those with limited storage space. The Harvester Dehydrator also comes with an LED display that shows the current temperature and time, so you can easily monitor the dehydrating process. In contrast, Cabela’s 10-Tray Deluxe Dehydrator only has an ON/OFF switch and dials.

There are two downsides to the Harvester dehydrator: 

  • First, the heating element is only 750w, making it less powerful than Cabela’s 10-Tray.
  • And second, It doesn’t have a fold-down glass door.

The Cabela’s Harvester Pro Dehydrator is an excellent alternative for those looking for a smaller and lighter machine with an LED display.

You can find the dehydrator on Cabela’s website or eBay. Unfortunately, Amazon doesn’t sell Cabela’s dehydrators.

Where Can I Find the Manual?

The Cabela’s 10 Tray Deluxe dehydrator manual can be found on Cabela’s website.


I am a big fan of Cabela’s for its quality products, service, and prices. The 10-Tray Deluxe Dehydrator is one such product that has not disappointed me in any way. It looks like it was built well to last with its sturdy frame. This dehydrator can handle anything you throw at it – from beef jerky to fruit leathers or dried nuts! My favorite feature of this model is the adjustable thermostat which allows you to set your desired temperature quickly without having to adjust each tray individually (this thing has ten trays!). Another remarkable aspect about this dehydrator is the transparent window, so you know exactly how your food is dehydrated. Plus, you can find Cabela’s deluxe dehydrator manual at the Cabelas website if you’re unsure how to set up or operate your machine, which is helpful! So, if you’re looking for an easy way to prepare healthy, nutritious food, try out Cabelas Deluxe Dehydrator! You won’t regret it!

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