From Bouquet to Kitchen: Learn How to Dehydrate Rose Petals

Are you looking to preserve the beauty of roses? Dehydrating rose petals is a great way to do that. You can use them to make dried flower arrangements, potpourri, and more, and it’s also a fun project to do with your kids. We will guide you through the process step by step on how to dehydrate rose petals. So don’t worry if you’re new to dehydration. Keep reading for all the information you need!

What You’ll Need

To get started, you’ll need fresh roses – preferably with completely open petals. You’ll also need a dehydrator, parchment paper, and scissors.

How to Dry Rose Petals In a Food Dehydrator

The first step in dehydrating rose petals is picking out the perfect roses. Look for blooms that are freshly opened and have lovely vibrant petals. You’ll also want to ensure they don’t have any blemishes or discolorations. Finally, look for big blooms with flexible petals.

Once you’ve chosen the flowers, carefully remove the petals from the stems using your fingers. Set these aside until you’re ready to begin the dehydration process.

Tip: A quick trick to remove the petals is to cut the stem and pull the petals off from the top down. This will release the petals quickly without having to use your fingers.

Check out this video tutorial on removing rose petals without using your fingers.

Next, you’ll need to prepare your dehydrator with the appropriate temperature setting. The ideal temperature for dehydrating rose petals is around 95°F (35°C). Once your dehydrator is preheated, it’s time to add the petals.

Place the petals on the dehydrator trays, avoiding overlapping them. If using a food dehydrator with multiple trays, spread the petals evenly across each tray for better air circulation.

Now it’s time to let your rose petals dry. This process will depend on how thick and moist the petals are, but it usually takes 2 to 4 hours. Check on your petals periodically. Once they feel dry and crispy, they’re ready to be stored!

Finally, store your dried rose petals in an airtight container, mason, or glass jars. Make sure to label the containers with the date so you know when they were dried. Proper storage allows your dehydrated rose petals to last up to a year. And that’s it! You now have beautiful and fragrant preserved roses ready for all creative craft projects.


Never consume rose petals treated with pesticides, fungicides, or other chemicals. Florists often spray their flowers with these chemicals to preserve them longer, so it’s essential not to use these for food or medicinal purposes.

If you’re unsure whether the roses you use were treated, it’s best to avoid eating them.

Don’t buy store bought roses, as they may also be treated with chemicals.

What Is The Best Rose For Drying Petals?

The best type of rose for drying petals is large and flexible, such as Damask roses or tea roses. These varieties have larger petals that are easier to remove from the stem without damaging them. Avoid using roses with tiny petals, as these will take longer to dry and can easily be damaged.

Ideas for Using Dried Rose Petals

Now that you have dehydrated rose petals, you can use them for many creative projects. Here are some fun ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

• Add them to homemade bath teas, scrubs, and bath bombs.

• Make a fragrant potpourri blend with other dried flowers and herbs.

• Use them to make paper decorations or greeting cards.

• Add a few petals to floral arrangements and wreaths.

• Embellish gifts with dried rose buds and petals.

Christmas decorations and ornaments.

• Make your essential oils.

• Create romantic confetti for weddings and special occasions.

No matter how you use them, dehydrated rose petals can add color and fragrance to any project. And with a bit of practice, you, too, can turn any bouquet into a beautiful keepsake. So grab some roses and get ready to try your hand at dehydration!

If you make something crafty with your dehydrated roses, let us know! We love seeing what our readers create.

Happy dehydrating!

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