The Best Food Dehydrator for Herbs: Our Top Choices

If you need to dehydrate herbs and want to have them last as long as possible, you ought to consider getting yourself a dehydrating machine. The machine uses heating to remove the moisture from your fruits, vegetables, and meats. It is almost Christmas and if you have no idea what to get your health-conscious or vegetarian friend, then you ought to consider getting them the best food dehydrator for herbs.

Westinghouse WFD201W New Food Dehydrator

The Westinghouse Food Dehydrator just gives you one of three options to choose from. It is a stackable dehydrator and is available in configurations of 100, 101 and 201 sizes. With this dehydrator, you can make your healthy snacks, dehydrate your herbs and you can even consider dehydrating your bananas to get banana chips without frying them.


  • The timing is flexible – if you are going to dehydrate something, the timer goes up to forty-eight hours. That way you have more than enough time to dehydrate your fruits without having to worry about setting the timer every couple of hours.
  • LED Display – this dehydrator has an LED display so you can view the temperature and remaining times on your dehydrator.
  • Easy to use ­– the dehydrator is easy to use, and the trays can be easily cleaned. So, you have one less thing to worry about, and that is your dehydrator.


  • The dehydration process takes a while – you should be suspicious of any dehydrator that comes with a forty-eight-hour timer, it is obvious that they dehydration process is going to be a long and tedious one.
  • Not the most durable – the trays are made of plastic, so you have to be very careful when handling them as they are fragile. If you are not careful, they can crack easily.

KLARSTEIN Bananarama Fruit Dryer Dehydrator

The Klarstein Bananarama is in a class of its own. It comes with six levels, an LCD display, can be used for a variety of foods and it has two snacking modes. What more do you want from a dehydrator?


  • The dehydrator is very versatile. It is so versatile that you can put almost anything in it. So, it is not limited to dehydrating just herbs or bananas alone.
  • It is powerful – the dehydrator is powerful enough to remove all water from your food so that its ‘life’ can be preserved. The powerful motor aids in this process, and it is done in almost record time.
  • Simplicity – while you worry about other things n life, the Bananarama is the least of your problems. It is easy to use, and when you are finished, you can simply put the trays in the dishwasher to clean them as they are dishwasher friendly.


  • Works well initially but repeated use can reduce its life

Magarz 4 Layer Drying Rack Net Hanging Collapsible Solar Dehydrator with zipper

The Magarz Dehydrator may just probably be the best food dehydrator for herbs just because it is green. It uses solar energy, and it comes with a zipper. In fact, if you didn’t know it was a dehydrator, you may have easily mistaken it for a collapsible laundry basket. This is perfect for the environmentalist as it is made primarily from breathable mesh. It does have a steel ring to keep its structure together.

It does not work on electricity, and solar panels are not included. So, unless you have your own solar panels or are willing to buy a few, then you may have to overlook this futuristic dehydrator.


  • Easy to carry ­– as mentioned before it looks like a collapsible laundry basket. It is actually very easy to transport or take anywhere because it is collapsible. Also, this makes storing it a lot easier.
  • Waterproof – despite it being made of breathable mesh fabric, the dehydrator itself is very waterproof. So, if you decide to take your dehydrator outdoors, there is no need to worry that a shower of rain will ruin your snacks. The zip will also prevent insect from feasting on your snacks
  • Cheap – compared to electric dehydrators, this dehydrator is very cheap. In fact, it is more than half the cost of a plug-in dehydrator.


  • No electricity – this dehydrator does not work by electricity so it may be difficult to operate in areas where there are low UV lights and where the owners do not use solar panels.

The Verdict

You were presented with three options, and they all seemed very intriguing and unique. The Westinghouse dehydrator struggles with fragility and the time it takes to dehydrate, while the Klarstein may not be the most suitable choice for long-term use. Margarz presented a very interesting dehydrator that does not succumb to the same problems suffered by electric dehydrators.

The Magarz may, in fact, be the best food dehydrator for herbs. In their images, they showed a lot of greenery. Additionally, the dehydrator will fit perfectly with a vegetarian and herbal lifestyle as it is green and encourages the conservation of energy. What was noticeably missing from this ensemble though were the trays. Dehydrating this way is probably going to require you to have a lot of patience.

If you lack patience and prefer to use electricity, then the Klarstein may be an obvious option for you despite their determination to market the dehydrator as the Bananarama. One will obviously think that it is the dehydrator of choice for bananas, but it can be used for multiple applications. The Westinghouse may also be a good choice too because they are a household brand and it has an LCD display.

The choice is yours, but if you are giving the dehydrator as a gift, it will be interesting to see what the recipient will think of the Margarz solar dehydrator. It will also be interesting to see the dehydrator in use and how they use it. Don’t worry; it should come with manuals.

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