How to Make Dehydrated Marshmallows in a Dehydrator

Dehydrated Marshmallows are fun treats to make at any time. Whether you like them in the winter, fall, or early springtime, they are one of my favorite foods. While there are many ways to make them including from scratch or purchased from the grocery store, I prefer to make them in a food dehydrator. Why? Well, it makes it so much easier and faster to make the treats!

First, let’s look at how to make Dehydrated Marshmallows in a food dehydrator.

Ingredients and Equipment

  • Big or small marshmallows.
  • We really enjoy using the Excalibur 9-Tray Electric Food Dehydrator, which uses a 26-hour timer and automatic shut-off feature.

Now that we have the necessary ingredients ready, it is time to make your homemade marshmallows. If you are making it for a candy buffet, you will want to use a candy thermometer to give them a precise time. The amount of time that you dry your marshmallows is going to depend on how thick they are. Thicker ones will take longer to dry, so plan accordingly. Now that you have your marshmallows, it is time to put them in the food dehydrator.

How to Make Dehydrated Marshmallows

  • Firstly, you will need to pick the number of marshmallows to be dehydrated. Remember that many food dehydrators have different-sized trays, so it’s better to be well prepared for making this delicious treat. There are two ways to make these. One is to cut the whole marshmallows in half, and two, you can go for the decorative marshmallows, which you can cut into smaller-sized pieces.
  • Now that the marshmallows are cut into the sizeable pieces you want, you will want to load it up with the powdered sugar mixture. To do this, you want to dab the marshmallow’s cut end into the sugar mixture or place these delicious treats into a zip-lock bag with the powdered sugar and shake them to make sure the sticky ends are coated with the confectioner’s sugar (powdered sugar).
  • The next step is to lay the marshmallows on the dehydrator’s tray, and they should be set down in a single layer, not touching each other. Also, make sure to set the marshmallows on a flat end so that they don’t roll around. A product like the Excalibur 9 Tray Dehydrator has more than enough space to make these treats.
  • Now comes the fun part, Dehydrate the marshmallows at 150f/ 62c until they are fully dehydrated. Two to four hours is generally good enough time to make one batch of dehydrated marshmallows for mini ones, and larger ones will take anywhere from three to five hours. The timing will be dependent on the size of the food, the power of your dehydrator appliance, and your home’s humidity. Start to check your food at around the two to three-hour mark. Sometimes they can take longer.

How to Store Dehydrated Marshmallows

You should store these delicious treats in an air-tight container, vacuum-sealed in bags or mason jars, or ziplock bags.

You have to make sure that the dehydrated food is not moist and should be kept dry. Keeping them in mason jars is beneficial.

For more extended storage life, you can use a vacuum sealer to store the dehydrated marshmallows.

How Long Do They Last?

The dehydrated marshmallows should last you at least six months if stored properly.

What Else Can You Use Dehydrated Marshmallows For?

  • You can make powdered marshmallows and add them to your cup of hot chocolate, coffee, or tea.
  • You can use the dried marshmallows for decorations on cupcakes and cakes.
  • Snack on them.
  • You can add these treats to trail mix or sweet Chex mix.
  • Create homemade s’mores cookies.
  • They are also great at baking, such as mixing them with granola bars, cookies.

How to Know If the Marshmallows are Dehydrated

To check the progress of the marshmallows, you can give them a little squeeze. If they have a soft feel to them, they will need to be dehydrated a bit longer. They should be tough when they are fully dehydrated.

You can also do a taste test and bite into one of the marshmallows and check if the marshmallow’s center is completely hard.

Knowing how to make Dehydrated Marshmallows in a food dehydrator is a delicious treat your family and friends will enjoy, and the great thing is that kids love them. Also, not forgetting that making them at home can save you a lot of money and time.

Let me know how your dehydrated marshmallows tasted!

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