May 13

Can You Use Parchment Paper in a Dehydrator?

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Can you use parchment paper in a dehydrator without breaking it? 

Yes, you can do that. Most parchment paper can stand up to a lot of heat, and dehydration usually doesn’t cause it to break down.

What are some excellent choices of parchment to use in a standard kitchen dehydrator? 

Unbleached white parchment is by far the best choice. It contains little, if any sugar, and it is very perforated for easy removal of the dried pieces. Because it is blemish-free, it is also a popular choice for making bread, cakes, cookies, tortillas and pies.

Can you use parchment paper in a dehydrator to dehydrate fish? 

Yes, you can. Fish that is cut into strips are great for being prepared on a grill, though it is not a great idea to try this process on very high heat, which could cause the fish to burn.

Can you use parchment papers in a traditional dehydrator without any coating? 

Yes, you can. If you are looking to make bread or other items that are already cooked on trays, you can simply shred the strips of bread into fine pieces first, place them on trays in your dehydrator and then let them dry. You can then set the pieces on top of your baking pans and just sprinkle over some unbleached oil.

Can you use parchment paper in a double pan? 

Yes, you can. For example, if you are baking an apple pie, shred the apple into very fine pieces. Spread them out on trays in your refrigerator and let them dry. Once they are almost completely dry, place them on a baking sheet and then place them back in the refrigerator. You can place them on the second baking sheet and once again allow them to dry overnight.

How are dried fruits like? 

You can also use these in a dehydrator. They will retain much of their moisture and therefore can be used on fruits like raisins as well as other dried fruits. The best used will probably be raisins, though, because of the high acid content of the fruit.

Can you use parchment paper in a dehydrator for baking bread? 

Yes, you can. These can be placed on trays in your oven or even your food dehydrator if you are using one. The parchment will retain much of the moisture that is contained within the bread. However, there are two things to watch with these foods; first, you will not get the browning that occurs when using regular parchment paper, and second, they can take quite a long time to dry out if they have not been covered with additional water.

What about dehydrated pasta? 

You can do this too. Use the sheets of parchment paper in a double boiler or a safe microwave bowl set to medium heat. Then add your pasta and cover tightly to keep in heat and moisture.

Can you use parchment paper in a dehydrator for dehydrating soups? 

Yes, it’s possible to dehydrate soups by placing them on trays in your dehydrator or oven. Although it can be done with standard wax paper, it’s not recommended for foods such as black bean soup, which should be kept at just below room temperature. You can also use these with the other types of foods that you can dehydrate; just be sure to keep them in the low moisture range.

Can you dehydrate foods at high temperatures? 

Yes, you can do that as well. High heat is necessary to dry seeds, fruits and most vegetables. Vegetables like carrots do not do well in high temperatures. On the other hand, fruits like apples are best dried on low heat. However, if you are interested in using parchment paper in a dehydrator, it’s essential to know which foods do better in which temperature range.

What is the best piece of parchment paper you can use? 

Silicone parchment is the best choice because of its non-stick properties. High temperatures do not quickly destroy the sheets, and they will not stick to any sort of trays.

Can you wrap parchment paper in a silicone pan or container? 

Yes, you can. Silicone sheets can be placed directly on top of the parchment paper. Some brands of silicone sheets are coated with vegetable oil, wax or both. In order to stop the sheets from sticking to each other, a silicone sheet can be sealed around the perimeter of each piece of parchment paper.

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