What’s the Best Jerky Slicer to Buy in 2021?

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If you like beef jerky, you have at least one thing in common with the military and NASA. It’s an all-time favorite snack that continues to gain popularity.

Why not try your hand at some homemade beef jerky? After all, it tastes best when you put effort into it.

You’ll need some tools, though, and the best one you can get is a great jerky slicer. Keep reading to see the best meat slicers on the market today.

What to Consider When Buying a Jerky Slicer

The most important thing to consider when buying a jerky slicer is your needs. A small family won’t need a heavy-duty slicer if they only need it for personal use. A large restaurant, on the other hand, needs more than a small model.

Look at the power and speed to gauge a slicer’s capability. Models with higher wattage motors can slice faster. You can use it for slicing a lot of meats and other items in one go.

Lower performance slicers need to take some breaks to cool off before going back to the task. This makes them take longer to use. This might become a serious issue if you intend to use it many times in a day or week.

You also need to acknowledge your budget, which will be the most limiting factor. However, make sure it matches your needs. You can always find a model under $100, but is it capable enough for your demands?

The other features come next. It would be nice to have a slicer that’s also great for slicing cheese, potatoes, and onions thinly. If this is your goal, look for one with adjustable width settings.

No matter what your budget and needs are, durability is a priority. A cheap jerky slicer that only lasts a few months isn’t worth your investment at all. Find a solid model that will last you a long time, even if it means you have to go over your budget at the moment.

Remember that a high price doesn’t always reflect a slicer’s durability. Metal lasts longer than plastic, in general. Look at meat slicer reviews, too, as the actual users are the only ones who can vouch for a product.

1. CUSIMAX Meat Slicer

This is one of many questions Cusimax has answered with its impressive selection of kitchen appliances. With an extensive array of products, ranging from air fryers to waffle makers, Cusimax has something for everyone. And when it comes to providing the best meat slicer for jerky – they have you covered!

The CUSIMAX is a great tool for slicing meat for jerky, cheese, and more. It’s an all-around slicer that you can use in your kitchen every day — all for a reasonable price. This model is the cheapest on this list, perfect for the budget-conscious jerky-lover.

The CUSIMAX meat slicer has a decent power of 200W. This makes it great for making a batch of jerky and for slicing cheese and veggies for your keto recipes.

The blades are adjustable with the help of a knob. Thanks to this, you can set your preferred thickness from less than 1 mm to 20 mm.

This model has safety features, including a blade safety guard, non-slip feet, and food pusher. As we know, slicing can be a risky affair, and these features ensure you don’t put your fingers at risk while slicing. It also has an on/off feature, which provides additional safety.

The food carriage is removable, making it easy to clean. It’s quite easy to reassemble, as well, and with a weight of only 55 pounds. This makes it a decent small appliance for countertops.

2. Chef’s Choice 615A Meat Slicer

With a single look, you can tell that the Chef’s Choice 615A Electric Meat Slicer is a solid model. Made of cast aluminum and stainless steel, it’s a rugged yet sophisticated piece of technology that is sure to last you many years. It can help you slice your own game, make homemade beef jerky, and more.

One of its main features is the tilted food carriage. This makes it easier to feed the food item into the slicer faster and more efficiently.

This unit has a safety lock feature, which secures the food carriage while not in use. It limits access to the blade when activated. This is perfect for when you have curious kids out and about.

It’s engineered with a high torque motor and smooth gear drive, powered with 120W. This allows it to provide continuous slicing operation.

It has a thickness dial that gives you precise control over the slices, from deli thin to around an inch. It also has removable parts, including the food carriage, food pusher, blade, and thickness control plate for easier clean-ups and maintenance.

3. KWS MS-10XT Meat Slicer

If you’re serious about your jerky, then you’ll have to invest in high-quality equipment. This one can be a bit pricey, but it’s worth it if you’re looking for durability and efficiency. Don’t worry, it will give you more value for your money as it continues to serve you well in the long run.

The KWS MS-10XT has many features we loved. Some of them are as follows.

With 320W of motor power, it’s intended for heavy-duty use. It’s a commercial model that can also be great for personal use if you’re thinking of creating jerkies in bulk.

It consistently produces flawless, thin cuts at around 0-10 mm. The blade can be a bit too sharp, though. You’ll need some gloves when disassembling it.

The blade also has a Teflon coating, which means the food doesn’t stick. This allows for cleaner cuts, and you don’t have to wipe down the blade every few uses. It also protects the blade from rust.

The MS-10XT has a built-in dual whetstone sharpener, as well, so you can keep the blade razor-sharp at all times. This can prevent more injuries because dull knives are more dangerous since they require greater force.

It’s safe to operate thanks to its skid-proof rubber feet. The on and off switch and relays have different builds to prevent damage at the same time.

The removable food product tray assembly makes it easy to clean it up. This is great for commercial use as it means you need not spend too much downtime to make sure it’s ready for use the next day.

4. F2C Professional Stainless Steel Meat Slicer

Looking for something a bit easier on the wallet but is still capable? Then the F2C Professional Stainless Steel Meat Slicer might be for you. It’s a professional unit that can help you get those delicate thin meat slices or even hearty cuts without breaking muscle fibers.

The 10-inch sharp blade can slice up to 13 mm thick, adjustable to your liking for precision cuts of meat, cheese, fruits, and more. You even use it to make some delicious banana chips while dehydrating your meat.

It’s powered by a 240W motor, powerful enough for commercial kitchens, delis, and such. But, it’s also great for home use if you want quality cuts at home.

It has a large tray space, sized 8 x 7 inches. This makes it so you don’t have to pre-cut your food before slicing it. The steel nails help affix it onto the tray while you’re pushing it, so it doesn’t slide off.

This F2C model also comes equipped with two whetstones. One is rough while the other is smoother by comparison, and they’re controllable separately.

Its on/off button has a waterproof cover to keep it safe from spills and such. It’s a small, quality-of-life feature that ensures the product’s longevity.

5. VBENLEM Commercial Meat Slicer

This is another model that’s on the more expensive side, but it’s also on the bigger side. It’s a larger model that can hold up to larger demand, producing high-quality slices every time. While it’s great for commercial use, it has a place in your home kitchen, as well.

Its stand-out feature among everything on this list is its 12-inch, 304 hardened stainless steel blade. This allows for slicing bigger cuts of dehydrated meat, which won’t stick to the surface because of the grooves on the blades.

It has a premium build made of high-quality cast aluminum. It has anti-rust and anti-corrosion properties, too.

The slicer also comes with some basic safety features, like skid-proof rubber feet and a covered on/off button. It also has an additional transparent shield to keep your fingers from getting too close to the blade.

It’s easy to adjust the thickness of the slice using a knob. You can adjust it to 1 mm – 16 mm. At 250W, it’s quite a powerful machine that’s also reliable and durable.

Invest in a Good Jerky Slicer

We’ve compiled a list of the best jerky slicers with varying sizes, performances, and features. Which one would work best for you?

Like what we’ve said above, you have to consider many factors that will affect your decision-making. Those factors are personal, so no one model is the best for everybody. If you want to learn more, contact us today.

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