Cut Like a Pro: Best Meat Slicer Reviews Revealed

Are you tired of unevenly sliced meats ruining your home-cooked meals? Look no further than the best meat slicer for home use. As an expert in the field, I have analyzed and tested various models to bring you the top picks for slicing perfection.

Our Pick
NESCO Stainless Steel Food Slicer Adjustable Thickness, 8.7",Silver


  • The machine is equipped with a robust 180W motor, enabling it to slice through thick meat rapidly.
  • Its unique serrated design allows for easy cutting through tougher materials and difficult meat chunks.
  • The blades are constructed from stainless steel, and the food press is from aluminum, both designed to enhance the overall durability and safety of the equipment.
  • It features a heavy-duty slicing guard that is thicker than most others on the market, ensuring your fingers are always well-protected.
  • The power switch is recessed into the slicer's chassis to prevent accidental switching on or off.


  • One potential downside is the lack of a smooth blade. It comes with a serrated blade, which may not be ideal for slicing certain types of meat and food.
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How to Use a Meat Slicer

When you’re using the meat slicer at home, it’s really crucial for you to know that there are some safety steps you’ve got to follow. It’s all about keeping you safe while getting that perfectly sliced meat!

Before you begin slicing your meats:

  1. Read through the manufacturer’s instructions thoroughly and ensure that all necessary components are in place and operational.
  2. Always wear protective gear such as goggles, gloves, and an apron when operating a meat slicer.
  3. Keep any loose clothing or jewelry away from the blade so as not to accidentally catch them on the sharp edge.

To start slicing your meats with precision, first, adjust the machine’s thickness setting according to your desired results. Then place the meat on the sliding tray and position it close to the blade but not too close; it should never touch any surface outside its intended purpose. Make sure you secure the food item firmly against the slicer’s holder before beginning operation.

Once securely in place, turn on the machine and begin sliding the meat back and forth over the blade, using a smooth and steady motion. Take care to apply even pressure to the food to ensure uniform slices. As you slice, periodically check the meat’s thickness to ensure consistency, and adjust the machine accordingly if necessary.

After slicing your meats:

  1. Turn off the machine and unplug it from the power source.
  2. Carefully clean the blade with warm, soapy water and a non-abrasive sponge.
  3. Dry everything thoroughly and store the appliance in a safe, dry location until your next use.

With the right meat slicer for home use and proper safety precautions and techniques, you can achieve perfectly sliced meats every time. Impress your dinner guests with beautifully sliced charcuterie, deli meats, and more.

Let’s take a look at some meat slicer reviews below:

A List Of The Best Meat Slicer for Home Use Reviews

After hours of research and testing, I compiled a list of the top automatic meat slicers perfect for home use.

Here’s a review of the best ones on the market:

NESCO FS-250, Stainless Steel Food Slicer

A High-Performance Machine in a Sleek Package

Feast your eyes on this very affordable slicer – the NESCO FS-250. It’s not just a food slicer; it’s a stainless steel marvel that’s about to revolutionize your kitchen. It’s silver hue and robust build make it a sight to behold and a joy to use.

This high-caliber machine measures 14.5 “L x 8.63” W x 11 “H and weighs a sturdy 11.45 pounds. It’s a heavyweight champion in the culinary world in terms of its physical presence and performance.

The Blade – A Cut Above the Rest

What sets the NESCO FS-250 apart is its blade. This large, detachable 8.7″ hardened stainless steel serrated wonder can handle a wide range of food sizes and shapes with ease. From bread to meat, cheese to vegetables, this blade doesn’t discriminate; it slices through everything like a hot knife through butter.

Let’s talk about thickness control. This slicer comes with an adjustable knob that lets you choose your slice from paper-thin to a hearty 9/16″. Talk about versatility! It’s like having a full deli counter right in your kitchen.

Safety First!

The designers at NESCO have gone the extra mile to ensure your safety. There’s a die-cast aluminum food press to keep your fingers away from the blade and a dual safety feature incorporating a recessed power switch to prevent accidental power on/off.

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

When it comes to cleaning, the NESCO FS-250 makes it a breeze. Simply hand wash the detachable parts, and you’re good to go. Just remember – the motor is not a fan of water, so never immerse it in liquid.

The Elite Platinum Meat Slicer: An Epicurean’s Delight

A Cut Above the Rest

Let’s dive headfirst into the awe-inspiring world of the Elite Platinum Meat Slicer. This high-caliber kitchen companion, equipped with a stainless steel blade, slices through meats and cheeses with an ease that’s downright poetic.

Unparalleled Precision

What makes this slicer the pièce de résistance in your kitchen arsenal? Its robust construction doesn’t falter in the face of even the toughest cuts, delivering deli-thin slices with precision. Plus, with its adjustable slicing thickness, you’re in control – whether you crave paper-thin prosciutto or a generous hunk of cheddar.

Say Goodbye to Toil and Trouble

Forget the days of battling dull knives or laboring over manual slicing. The Elite Platinum Meat Slicer is your golden ticket to a seamless, hassle-free slicing experience, freeing up precious time for more gastronomic escapades.

Size Matters, Indeed!

You might be mulling over, “What’s the ideal blade size for a meat slicer?” While ‘bigger is better’ may seem like the rule of thumb, the 7.5-inch blade of the Elite Platinum Meat Slicer artfully balances power and versatility. It’s ample enough to tackle most slicing tasks yet compact sufficient to claim a cozy spot on your countertop without affecting space.

Cleaning Made Simple

Dreading the post-cooking cleanup? Fear not! With its removable blade, the Elite Platinum Meat Slicer turns cleaning from a chore into child’s play.

Unleash Your Inner Gourmet

With the Elite Platinum Meat Slicer at your disposal, you’re no longer just a home cook – you’re a culinary virtuoso. Prepare to dazzle your loved ones with flawlessly sliced meats, cheeses, and more. So go ahead, and let your gourmet fantasies take flight – the Elite Platinum Meat Slicer has got you covered.

Slicer Maintenance

Firstly, power down your slicer, ensuring that the blades have come to a complete standstill, then proceed to disconnect it from the electrical outlet. Adjust the Thickness Knob to the “0” position to initiate the cleaning process.

  1. Immerse the cutting blade in a concoction of warm water and high-quality soap. Scrub it diligently until it’s free of any residue.
  2. Extract the Meat/Food Holder and submerge it into a similar solution as above, ensuring every bit is thoroughly cleaned.
  3. With a cloth or sponge soaked in soapy water, meticulously wipe down the Support Plate, Feed Slider Table, Sliding Bar, and Blade Guard. Ensure each component is spotless and gleaming.
  4. Next, turn your attention to the Meat Slicer Base. Wipe it down with the same dampened, soapy cloth or sponge, being careful to avoid the power cord.
  5. To clean the hidden area behind the Cutting Blade, employ a dry paper towel or a petite brush. This will ensure that no moisture lingers in these hard-to-reach areas.
  6. Before you commence reassembling your slicer, ensure that every component has been thoroughly dried. This step is crucial to prevent any potential water damage.

With this enhanced understanding of how to maintain your slicer, you’re now equipped to keep it in optimal condition, ready for its next use. Remember, regular maintenance not only prolongs the life of your slicer but also ensures the highest standards of hygiene.

Unpacking the Chef’s Choice 615A Electric Meat Slicer

A Slice of Versatility

The Chef’s Choice 615A Electric Meat Slicer is a versatile piece of equipment that can add efficiency to your kitchen. This sturdy and affordable meat slicer is primarily crafted from aluminum, although a stainless steel variant is also available. Its robust build, featuring all structural components made from cast aluminum and stainless steel, ensures longevity and durability.

Power and Precision

This slicer isn’t just about toughness; it also boasts an extremely high-torque motor with gear drive. The combination of raw power and precision makes it a real workhorse in any culinary setting.

Its tilted food carrier enhances the speed and ease of slicing. When not in use, a specific button locks the food carriage in place, limiting access to the blade for safety.

Multipurpose Functionality

The Chef’s Choice 615A is a true multi-tasker. Its 7-inch stainless steel blade can slice a wide variety of foods, ranging from deli-thin to 3/4-inch thick slices.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning is a breeze with the Chef’s Choice 615A. It comes with a removable blade, food carriage, food pusher, and thickness control plate. Please remember to hand wash only.

Adjustability and Safety

With its precision thickness adjustment feature, you can achieve slices ranging from deli-thin to one inch thick. When the unit is not in use, the safety lock clamps the food carriage in place for additional security. Despite its features and functionality, the item only weighs 10.61 pounds, making it relatively easy to maneuver and store.

Pros and Cons

Like any product, the Chef’s Choice 615A has its strengths and weaknesses. It’s easy to clean and boasts a strong aluminum construction. However, it does have some drawbacks. You may need to purchase different blades for different foods, as the ones provided may not deliver optimal results. Additionally, it might struggle with extremely thin cuts.

A Kitchen Staple From a Trusted Brand

The Chef’s Choice 615A Electric Meat Slicer is a product of EdgeCraft Corporation. Since launching the Chef’sChoice brand in 1985 with its first electric knife sharpening system, they have been dedicated to quality, technology, and the consumer.

Chef’sChoice offers a wide range of products, including: electric meat slicers, knives, scissor sharpeners, diamond steels, and more! Their products are enjoyed by consumers worldwide and are available in over 80 countries. This global recognition speaks volumes about the trust and reliability associated with the Chef’s Choice brand.

Unveiling the Cuisinart FS-75 Kitchen Pro Food Slicer

This avant-garde machine, sculpted from resilient steel and flaunting a sophisticated gray hue, is the epitome of Cuisinart’s dedication to excellence and innovation.

A First Glimpse: Robust and Refined

As you unbox the FS-75, it’s premium-coated steel and die-cast aluminum housing immediately make a statement. Its solid 11-pound weight reassures you of its robustness, while its sleek gray finish ensures it seamlessly blends into any contemporary kitchen setting.

The Cutting Edge: Superior and Versatile

The core of this food slicer is its removable 7.5-inch undulated stainless steel cutting blade, crafted from high-quality alloy steel. This remarkable blade swiftly slices through an array of foods – from succulent meats and crisp vegetables to firm cheeses and crusty bread. The FS-75 is always ready, regardless of what’s on your menu.

Flexibility and User-Friendliness

The FS-75’s adjustable slice control knob is a standout feature that gives you complete control over your culinary creations. You can fine-tune it from a virtually transparent 1/32 inch to a substantial 1/2 inch, catering to every gastronomic whim.

Guide to Clean Meat Slicers

Step 1:

Before embarking on cleaning your electric deli food slicer, equip yourself with a sturdy pair of gloves. Not only do they shield your hands from potential nicks and cuts, but they also safeguard against harsh cleaning agents.

Step 2:

Ditch the standard soap; it’s not your ally here. It can wreak havoc on the meat slicer’s blade, ultimately dulling its sharpness. Instead, opt for an effective sanitizer concentrate mixed with water – your perfect concoction for a thorough cleanse. These cleaning food grade lubricant are readily available online,

Step 3:

Immerse each part of your meat slicer blade into your specially-prepared cleaning solution. Let them luxuriate in it, soaking up all the cleaning goodness. Remember, every nook and cranny deserves attention, so ensure a comprehensive cleanse.

Step 4:

Post-sanitization, it’s time for a refreshing rinse. Make sure to douse the blade with water, washing away the residual cleaning solution. Once done, don’t leave your slicer damp. Dry it meticulously to ward off any risk of rusting.

Step 5:

The grand finale of your cleaning saga should be lubricating your slicer’s moving parts. The feeder and sliding tray, the crucial component that brings the meat to the cutting edge, needs your special care. Every cleaning session should culminate in its lubrication, ensuring a smooth sliding experience, time after time.

Remember, a clean slicer is not just about hygiene; it’s about prolonging your machine’s lifespan, maintaining its efficiency, and, most importantly, guaranteeing the best meat slices for your culinary masterpieces.

How often should you clean your meat slicer?

Based on the FDA Food Code’s recommendations on how frequently a meat slicer should be cleaned, all meat slicers, including contact surfaces, should be cleaned and disinfected every 4 hours when continuously in use.

Will My Meat Slicer Cut Meat That’s Taken Out of the Freezer?

It’s a simple question…yeah. It’s not recommended to cut frozen meat unless you use the finest meat slicer available. The use of sliced meat is not a problem for intermediate or advanced slicing machines. Frozen meat will also be tough. If you try to slice them, it may cause a dull blade and damage. For me, it would be easier to defrost the meat in cold water. Also, remember these are not commercial meat slicers; they are intended to be used at home.

The Ultimate Meat Slicer Buying Guide:

Below is a breakdown of what to look for when buying a meat slicer.

“The Powerhouse” – The Motor

First up on our list is the motor. Think of it as the heart of your meat slicer. The power it packs determines how efficiently it can cut through your favorite meats. Look for a high-wattage motor – more watts mean more power and more power means smoother slicing. Remember, we’re not playing around here; we’re after some serious slicing power!

Safety – No Room for “Ouch!”

Next, we can’t forget about safety. After all, we want to enjoy perfectly sliced meats without any nasty cuts, right? So, check for safety features like a blade lock or a handguard. These will help keep those precious fingers safe while you’re busy creating culinary masterpieces.

The Blade – Your “Edge” in the Kitchen

Now, let’s turn to the real hero of the slicer – the blade. A stainless steel blade is your best bet. It’s durable, stays sharp for longer, and, let’s face it, and it’s pretty sleek looking too. Size matters here too! An 8-inch blade is perfect for most home kitchens. But if you’re planning on slicing larger items, go bigger.

Ease of Use – Because Simplicity is Key

Finally, let’s talk about ease of use. Nobody wants to grapple with their meat slicer after a long day. So, look for slicers that are easy to handle. Features like adjustable thickness settings, straightforward assembly, and a built-in sharpener can take the hassle out of using your home meat slicer.

My Personal Take on Food Slicers for Dehydrators

The Secret Weapon: Food Slicers

As someone who spends a significant amount of time in the kitchen and loves exploring different methods of food preservation, I’ve always been a fan of food dehydrators. But if you ask me what really takes the cake, I’d say it’s the unsung hero – the “food slicer.”

So, you might be wondering, “Are food slicers really that good for food dehydrators?” From my experience, the answer is an enthusiastic “Absolutely!” Let’s delve into why.

The Key to Perfection: Uniformity and Precision

The first thing I’d like to highlight is precision. You can own the best dehydrator on the market, but without uniformly sliced ingredients, you’re not going to get the results you want. This is where the food slicer steps in. It allows you to achieve the ideal thickness for each slice – generally between 1/4-inch to 1/2-inch – guaranteeing even dehydration throughout.

The Time-Saver: Speed and Efficiency

I can already hear some of you saying, “But I have a knife; isn’t that enough?” Well, it could be. But why spend more time than necessary meticulously slicing each piece when a food slicer can do the job in much less time? Trust me, with a food slicer; you’ll be ready to start dehydrating a large batch of food in no time.

Beyond Meats: Versatility

Don’t be misled by the name – food slicers are not just for meats. They’re equally effective with fruits, vegetables, and even cheeses. So, whether you’re planning to make homemade beef jerky or dried apple slices, this tool has got your back.

My Verdict: A Must-Have Tool

In conclusion, if you’re as passionate about dehydrating foods as I am, investing in a food slicer is a no-brainer. It brings precision, speed, and versatility right at your fingertips.

So, don’t hesitate! Enhance your dehydrating experience today with a food slicer – you won’t be disappointed!

My Top Pick: NESCO FS-250, Stainless Steel Food Slicer

Stellar Performance

“Why the NESCO FS-250?” It’s simple – unmatched performance. Its powerful motor and precise blade cut through any food with ease.

Built to Last

Its stainless steel body promises durability. The NESCO FS-250 isn’t just for now; it’s a lifelong kitchen partner.


With an intuitive design, adjusting slice thickness or cleaning up is a breeze.

Value for Money

This automatic meat slicer gives you premium quality without the hefty price tag.


The NESCO FS-250 is more than a gadget – it’s an investment in culinary excellence. Trust me, it’s a game changer!

FAQ: Exploring the Top-Rated Meat Slicers

Q: Which meat slicer should “I” choose for my kitchen?

A: When it comes to slicing meats with precision, the “Chef’s Choice Electric Meat Slicer” is a cut above the rest. Its robust construction, coupled with an ultra-sharp blade, makes it an indispensable tool in any gourmet kitchen.

Q: What makes the “BESWOOD 10″ Premium Chromium-plated Carbon Steel Blade Electric Deli Meat Cheese Food Slicer” stand out?

A: The “BESWOOD 10″ slicer” is not your run-of-the-mill kitchen gadget. It boasts a premium chromium-plated carbon steel blade that slices through meat like a hot knife through butter. Plus, it’s as stylish as it is functional, adding a dash of sophistication to your kitchen counter.

Q: Is there a meat slicer that offers both quality and affordability?

A: Absolutely! The “Cuisinart Kitchen Pro Food Slicer” is your best bet if you’re after high-quality slicing without breaking the bank. It’s a compact powerhouse that delivers precise cuts each time – proof that great things can come in small packages!

Q: Which meat slicer would “you” recommend for commercial use?

A: For heavy-duty slicing needs, nothing beats the “KWS MS-10NT Premium Commercial 320W Electric Meat Slicer.” This beast can handle large volumes of meat without breaking a sweat, making it an excellent choice for restaurants and delis.

Q: Are there any safety features I should look out for in a meat slicer?

A: Safety should always be a priority. The “Elite Platinum EMT-625B Ultimate Precision Electric Deli Food Meat Slicer” prides itself on its safety features. It has a sturdy non-slip base and a safety guide to keep your fingers protected while you slice away.

Remember, a good meat slicer is a worthwhile investment. It not only saves you time but also ensures you get perfectly sliced meats every time. Happy slicing!

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