The Best Jerky Guns of 2022 Reviewed

Preserving foods is a technology right up there with roofing in the history of mankind. It goes right alongside the discovery of cultivation in allowing people to knock off the hunting and gathering and start building settlements.

Of those slated, dried, or otherwise preserved foods, jerky remains the tastiest. The problem with home-made jerky is the lack of appealing shapes. Seize the power to create enticing options hassle-free with the best jerky gun. 

Well, not a but one of. Depending on what you want to do, one size won’t fit all. Fear not, these units will also process game if you’re one of the 15 million hunters out there. 

Check out these reviews and learn everything you need to know to select the best option for your needs.

Best Jerky Gun Showdown!

For the purists out there, you don’t need a jerky gun to get to making this savory preserved meat. As has been discussed before, you don’t even need a dehydrator to achieve a level of quality goods. Your ancestors certainly didn’t have these options.

These tools allow you to upgrade your home offerings and shortcut some of the more difficult and time-consuming steps of jerky production.

Each review provides an overview of the option, its specifications, and a rundown of its pros and cons. This empowers you to make your own choice on which jerky gun truly is the best jerky gun for you. 

Weston Jerky Gun

The Weston kit comes with a lot of versatility all in one package.

The extruder barrel is made of aluminum while the trigger and piston are both coated steel. This construction delivers a lot of power to a pull while keeping the pressure in check.

The kit also includes a sausage funnel, double tube, and double flat strip nozzles. The stomper gives you the power to pack in meat tighter to remove air and deliver a better, more consistent jerky strip. 


The kit includes all of the following:

  • Jerky seasoning, 4.3-ounce packet
  • Double stick nozzle
  • Double strip nozzle
  • Sausage funnel
  • Plastic stomper
  • Barrel brush
  • Nozzle brush
  • Jerky gun with a 1.5-pound capacity barrel


The double nozzles make faster work of production, though at the cost of extra reloads.

The largest assortment of attachments and options for the versatility of any kit.

Best selection of provided cleaning tools to improve longevity. 


The smallest amount of seasoning provided in the kit of any option presented here.

Double the nozzles makes for double the nozzle cleaning which is often the hardest part of the cleaning process.

Nesco BJX 5

The Nesco BJX 5 amps up the size of the barrel for more extruding capability per load.

This unit has a plastic barrel coupled with an all-plastic plunger and trigger. The piston rod is stainless steel.

The kit includes not only meat seasoning packets but also cure which locks in flavors and conditions meats. Extruding nozzles provided offer two sizes of strips and also a snack stick shape.

Nesco Jumbo Works Beef Jerky kit, 1, Red
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    The kit includes all of the following:

    • Two cure packets, enough for 4×2 pounds of meat
    • Two season packets
    • Thin strip nozzle
    • Thick strip nozzle
    • Snack stick nozzle
    • Jerky gun with a 2-pound barrel capacity


    The largest capacity of any jerky cannon listed here.

    The mostly plastic construction makes the unit dishwasher safe (top shelf only) for effortless cleaning.

    Cure packets offer a different out-of-the-box texture and quality to jerky produced.


    The plastic barrel is weaker than aluminum and prone to cracking when too much pressure is applied.

    The plunger can become loose after repeated uses, extending the time needed to produce jerky.

    Lem Jerky Gun

    The Lem beef jerky gun kit offers up a smaller package of options while concentrating on power.

    The aluminum barrel provides the industry standard in containment and size. The plunger itself is plastic but the piston is a strong stainless steel rod. Coupled with the plastic-coated handle forged of steel, you have a lot of pressure and a softer grip.

    The kit provides stack snick and flat stip nozzles. 

    LEM Products 555 Jerky Gun, Silver
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      The kit includes all of the following:

      • Jerky seasoning, Blackwoods original and Blackwoods Snack Stick each good for 5 pounds of meat
      • Snack stick nozzle
      • Strip nozzle
      • Barrel brush
      • Jerky gun with a 1.5-pound capacity barrel


      This jerky gun is easy to take apart and snap back together which makes for quick cleaning.

      Replacement barrels can be purchased which makes it cheaper to replace the most vulnerable part of the gun.

      Best selection and amount of seasonings in an intro kit.


      This kit runs pricier than other options presented here.

      The lack of a nozzle brush makes nozzle cleaning tougher.

      Jerky Gun Tips

      The jerky gun is the perfect tool for an easy and healthy snack. Jerky can come in many forms: beef jerky, chicken jerky, and more! The jerky gun itself looks like a caulking gun, but with a long metal tip – making it very easy to load up as you go.

      If you are looking to purchase a jerky gun online or at your local sporting goods store, there are many things you will need to know. First, jerky cannons come in many different thicknesses and lengths. So it’s crucial to understand what each type is designed for before purchasing one.

      Here are some jerky gun tips to make these snacks a breeze.

      • Choose a lean ground beef.
      • Season the meat mixing it well; for the best quality of your meat, refrigerate them for 3 to 24 hours so that they can bind together.
      • Don’t over-fill the jerky gun, or it will be hard to push, and jerky won’t come out smooth.
      • Make strips on your dehydrator trays according to the manufactures manual and dehydrate them.
      • Don’t forget to clean the jerky gun thoroughly before and after jerky making – jerky will get stuck and ruin your jerky gun.

      Comparing Jerky Guns

      When it comes to producing a high-quality, tasty jerky in a pleasing shape, any of these options will let you get the job done. However, each offers a bit of variation in how they goa bout their operations.

      You save time with the Weston and the Nesco during production but that comes with a trade-off. 

      The seasoning packets are a fringe benefit, you can always purchase seasonings or make your own. 

      The durability of the barrel is especially important for most users. The tighter you can pack meats into the barrel, the better the quality of extruded products. 

      Tightly packed meats reduce air and push out moisture that leads to temperature changes. When it comes to jerky, the surface area of the product and the density of the packed material make all the difference to how it dries and what is lost in that process.

      For frequent, large-scale jerky making, the Lem’s extra barrel options make it easier to load up a bunch and then extrude quickly. For smaller batches that you want done and drying now! the Weston gets you done and to the cleaning phase faster.

      If this is your first go at home jerky creation, the Nesco provides more starter fuel and has the lowest price point. 

      Time is of the Essence

      No matter which option you choose, your persona best jerky gun will provide years of service and tasty treats. Always handle food safely and be thorough with tool cleaning to ensure longevity.

      For more information or questions about products, contact us. 

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