Cusimax Food Dehydrator Review

The Cusimax Electric Food Dehydrator is a versatile kitchen appliance that can dry various foods such as spices, herbs, flowers, vegetables, meat, and fruits. This dehydrator circulates warm air throughout the food, providing consistent and fast dehydration which shrinks the foods but still keeps the vitamins and minerals.

The Cusimax Food Dehydrator comes with five stackable drying trays which can be handy when you have a big family who enjoys dehydrated foods; it also can hold large amounts of food which would mean waiting time is minimal. With this dehydrator, you can adjust the height of the trays from 0.78 to 1.49 inches. Another handy feature it has is the transparent lid and trays which lets you observe the food.

Cleaning the Cusimax trays is easy, all you need is warm soapy water and to dry it you can use a soft cloth, to clean the base of the dehydrator you can use a damp cloth and then dry thoroughly, and that’s it the cleaning is done.

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– 120V 60HZ 450W

– Five removable stackable trays for easy cleaning. The height of the trays can be changed from 0.78 to 1.49 inches.

– The transparent lid and trays are all BPA free and allow you to check the performance of the machine quickly.

-It has an adjustable digital thermostat which can be changed at any time.

– It has an adjustable digital timer, and it can be changed at any time.

– It has a Start/Reset button for setting and starting the machine. If you want to end up drying, you need to press the Start/Reset button twice.

– Non-slip feet and lightweight for easy carrying


•   This 5 tray food dehydrator can efficiently make dried fruits, meat, flowers, vegetables, herbs and many more with ease

•    It lets you change the drying time and temperature at any moment because of its digital timer and temperature

•    It has five stackable drying trays which can hold large amounts of food

•    It has a transparent lid and trays that let you observe your dehydrated food

•    Easy to clean

•    CUSIMAX customer service is excellent


•    It does not come with a jerky gun and seasoning packets

•    The trays cannot hold liquid so they won’t be able to dry foods like yogurt

•    Can take time to dehydrate the food


The Cusimax Food Dehydrator is an excellent reliable appliance that can handle a variety of dehydrating needs with ease. This food dehydrator is compact and offers superb value for money. For the size and cost, it covers most of your dehydrating needs.  It is easy to use, durable and has a capacity for the most ferocious snacker. It can handle a variety of different foods and has specific trays for smaller items. This is the ideal choice if you often need to dehydrate fruits, meat, vegetables, flowers, herbs or want to start living a little healthier. This is one of the best mid-range models available, and we can recommend this guy without any reservations.

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