Do I Need A Food Dehydrator?

A modern kitchen can be stacked with so many gadgets that you might think there is nothing left to automate, improve or change. Some of these kitchen gadgets and appliances may sound like they come from a NASA brochure or a science fiction novel. But actually, they are simple improvements on methods that we have been using for centuries to preserve food.

A food dehydrator is exactly that: a modern version of an ancient method of food preparation and preservation, linked to a convenient appliance. But now the question is, do you need one? If it is old technology, what use does it have in your kitchen? We are here to answers those questions.

You can decide if a food dehydrator is something that will make your kitchen the perfect food preparation hub, or if it is something you might leave for the more enthusiastic foodies. But we will give you the information you need to make that choice quickly.

The Benefits of Having a Food Dehydrator

There are quite a few benefits to owning a food dehydrator. The first of these are that they help you save money, and who doesn’t want that? There are many food dehydrators available that are not too expensive, and with some models, you can expand them and buy additional trays to get a larger capacity. But how does something that you first need to spend money on help you save money in the long run?

That’s easy—you can prevent an enormous amount of food waste. When you dehydrate fresh produce, you increase its shelf life (by many months or even years). That way, you are saving significantly on fresh produce that may go to waste. If you start your garden you can save a large harvest it can also help you store it easily in different forms.

Versatility is also a nice feature of food dehydrators. You can dehydrate fresh produce like fruit and vegetables, but you can also make your own fruit rolls, create dried tomatoes for sauces, or you can make your own jerky. Some people also use it to make potpourri or use it for art projects where you need to dry clay or glue.

They are also easy to use. Most dehydrators work with the same basic principles, and it will not be very difficult to get the hang of creating tasty snacks quickly. There are thousands of recipes available online, from fruit rolls, crackers, and biscuits to jerky or even dog treats.

Food dehydrators are also an excellent way to make healthy snacks from raw food. So if you are looking into changing your diet and focusing more on fresh food and healthy snacks, this little kitchen appliance can help. Banana or kale chips, dried mango and peaches or berries are just a few easy options.

These little devices can also automate a lot of the process related to drying foods. Some dehydrators have timers and adjustable thermostats so you can leave it to dry peaches while you get on with your life and once it is done, it will let you know. All you have to do is enjoy your snacks after. This makes it much more convenient than drying food outside or building your own dehydrator.

So there are quite a few positives, but should you set aside your hard earned cash for one? Let’s take a look.

Should I Buy a Food Dehydrator?

A dehydrator is not something that you can’t go without. There are other appliances that you will need in a kitchen before you need to spend money on a dehydrator. But, if you are looking for a nice device to open up more possibilities in your kitchen, help you save money and preserve more food, it is a good choice.

Before you buy one, ask yourself how much time you spend in your kitchen, and how much you want to be able to create different dehydrated foods. Is it something that you often use in your cooking, do you need more versatility in your snacks? If the answer is yes, it will be helpful to have a dehydrator.

If you have your own garden or orchard, it can be beneficial to own a food dehydrator. It can help you preserve fresh produce in a variety of ways so that you won’t be limited by things like freezing or canning.

Where to Buy a Dehydrator?

You can get them from Target, eBay, Home Depot, and Walmart. I like to buy mine from Amazon because they have great prices, and it’s easy to return if you don’t like the dehydrator or there’s a problem.

Final Words

As you can see, a food dehydrator can be a versatile tool to add to your kitchen. If you have been struggling to find ways to preserve fresh produce before it spoils, or want to add more to a raw food diet it is a good choice.

In this piece, we just covered a few of the primary benefits of a food dehydrator that will be the main reasons most people buy one. Hopefully, this has cleared things up a bit for you and will help you decide if you need (or want) one.