A Complete Review of the Nesco American Harvest Dehydrator

The reports are in: the global demand for dehydrated food is growing. With growing demand, prices for things such as dried fruit, nuts, and jerky is going to go up, too.

Don’t want to pay more for the food you love? Why don’t you try making your own!

Traditionally, food is dried in the sun. Sun drying is a fairly lengthy process – it typically takes three or four days for food to dry in the sun. However, if you live in an area with a cool and humid climate, this is an impossibility because food will mold before it ever dries.

The quickest and easiest way to dry foods is to purchase a food dehydrator. Whether you’re drying fruit or making beef jerky, a dehydrator has you covered!

Ready to get started? Read on for a review of the Nesco American Harvest Dehydrator.

Nesco FD-37 Food Dehydrator
680 Reviews

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The Nesco American Harvest Dehydrator comes in a couple different variations, both which are made in the United States.

Nesco FD-37

The first is the FD-37 Food Dehydrator. This dehydrator is great for people who don’t plan to dry food in large quantities. 

This dehydrator features 400 watts of drying power and can expand up to 7 trays of food. It has a fan forced radial air flow, so it doesn’t require any sort of tray rotation. It also has a clear top so you can keep an eye on the food drying process.

Overall, this model will work well for people who are just starting out and learning how to dehydrate foods. It does not have an adjustable thermostat, so you will have to do a little extra work to make sure that different types of food dry properly.

Nesco FD-37 Food Dehydrator
680 Reviews

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Nesco FD-1018P

The FD-1018P is the granddaddy of food dehydrators. It works well for people who need to dehydrate a lot of food in a short amount of time. Planning a long hike on the Appalachian Trail and need to minimize food weight? This will make food prep a breeze.

This dehydrator features 1000 watts of dehydrating power and can hold up to 30 trays of food. It has an adjustable thermostat, and it comes with eight trays, eight fruit roll sheets, and eight clean a screens. It also comes with the book How to Dry Foods.

The FD-1018P is regarded as one of the best food dehydrators on the market. It dries food in hours instead of days. The adjustable thermostat allows you to properly dry different types of food properly. It also allows you to dry different types of foods altogether without risk of flavor mixing because the air isn’t forced through the trays.

It is super reliable and takes the extra labor out of drying food! The reliability and functionality come at a price, however. This bad boy will cost you well over $200, but if you’re serious about high-quality dehydrated food this is a no-brainer.

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Sold On the Nesco American Harvest Dehydrator?

The best way to save big money on dehydrated foods is to do it yourself. Whether you’re a food dehydrating veteran who is a pro at making things like dog treats, or a newbie, the Nesco American Harvest Dehydrator is a great option for everyone!

Want to learn more about dehydrated foods? Check out the rest of our website for all the dehydration tips and tricks you’ll ever need!

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