Nesco Dehydrator Fd 37 Review

The NESCO Dehydrator FD 37 is the perfect appliance to invest in for beginners or experienced jerky makers! With this small but powerful machine, you can enjoy homemade snacks and treats without breaking the bank.

This unit comes with four trays that can expand to 7 trays measuring (13 1/2″ diameter). The added shelves are a bonus feature as you can dehydrate large amounts of items, no tray rotation is needed.

Nesco FD-37 Food Dehydrator
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The Nesco FD 37 Food & Jerky Dehydrator has fixed temperature control, making it easier for you to make dried food without guessing what temperature you need to use. It also has a powerful and quality fan that distributes air-flow down the center and across each of the trays individually for constant dehydrating.


The Nesco brand started as a National Enameling and Stamping Company. In 1931 they invented the Original Roaster Oven in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Throughout the years, they began to sell other products, such as food dehydrators. The Nesco brand provides stylish, durable, and excellent results when it comes to small kitchen appliances. Their products are unique for all occasions, from saving money, making dinner at home, or searching for a fantastic gift to give to a friend or loved one.


  • It comes with 400 watts of dehydrating power and produces even heat distribution.
  • It has a detachable top-mounted powerhead with fixed temperature control (160 Fahrenheit)
  • It comes with 4 BPA Free trays that have 0.75 square ft of dehydrating area per tray. The trays can be expanded to 7.
  • The Nesco Dehydrator And Jerky Maker FD 37 is proudly made in the US.
  • Includes a Jerky Seasoning & Cure sample and a 52-page recipe & instruction book
  • The warranty for this unit is one year.
  • The Nesco has a transparent top to monitor your dehydrated food.
  • It has a fan-forced radial air-flow; this means that no tray rotation is needed.



400 watts

Temperature Settings:

160 Fahrenheit







Number of trays:

Four but can be expanded to 7.


One year






  • This kitchen unit dehydrates non-edible and edible items.
  • It is easy to monitor the dehydrating process because of the clear top.
  • The Nesco FD 37 400 Watt Four Tray Dehydrator is easy to clean.
  • This appliance does not need any rotation of the tray.
  • The Nesco Dehydrator FD 37 can be expanded to 7 trays for extra dehydrating.
  • It is reasonably priced.
  • This unit provides well distributed and even heat.
  • It is excellent for those who like to dry jerky or other snacks.
  • The company was created in 1931, so you know your purchasing from a reputable company.
  • The appliance is not heavy, only weighs 4.70 lbs.


  • The dehydrator has 400 watts of power, so it would take longer to dehydrate your food.
  • You have to spend more money to buy additional trays.
  • The fan can get loud.
  • The Nesco Dehydrator And Jerky Maker FD 37 does not have an adjustable thermostat.
  • Another point that might put you off is that this product does not have a timer.

Nesco Dehydrator Accessories

Let us have a look at some additional accessories available for Nesco FD 37:

Nesco WT 2SG Tray

  • The Nesco WT 2SG fits NESCO 20 and 30 Line of dehydrators.
  • It comes with a set of two trays.
  • These products are made with high-quality and robust BPA free material. They are safe to use and easy to clean.
  • These products are compatible with 13½” diameter trays.
  • These trays are hand wash only.
  • Made in the US.
NESCO WT-2SG, Add-a-Tray for Dehydrator...
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Dehydrator Fruit Roll Sheets Nesco LSS 2

  • These fruit roll sheets fit NESCO 20, 30, 60, and 70 type dehydrators.
  • The Nesco LSS 2 has the exclusive “No-Spill Lip,” this is perfect dehydrating soups, sauces, and other forms of liquid.
  • Made with the best quality and durable plastic that is also easy to clean and reusable.
  • These sheets are hand wash only.
  • With each fruit roll sheet, you can dehydrate up to 3 cups of pureed fruit.
NESCO LSS-2-6, Fruit Roll Sheets for...
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Nesco Mesh Trays

  • The LM 2 Nesco Mesh Trays fit the product series 20, 30, 60, and 70 food dehydrators.
  • The mesh trays are removable and are great for small foods and sticky fruits.
  • Nesco has created this mesh tray with high quality and food-grade plastic.
  • These trays can be reused and are easy to clean.
  • Great for dehydrating small food items like herbs and spices.
  • They are hand wash only.
Nesco Snackmaster Clean dehydrator...
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Nesco Jerky Gun Kit

  • The Nesco Jerky Gun Kit can hold up to 1lb of seasoned ground meat.
  • It comes with three interchangeable attachments for dual strips, wide strips, and round sticks.
  • This Nesco kit comes with six-packs of jerky seasoning and six-packs of cure for 12 pounds of meat.
  • Made proudly in the US.
Nesco BJX-5 American Harvest Jumbo Jerky...
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Let us take a look at another fantastic dehydrating appliance, the Presto 06300 Dehydro.

  • The Presto is similarly priced to the Nesco Dehydrator FD 37.
  • It has four trays included for dehydrating food and can expand to eight trays, whereas the Nesco FD 37 has seven.
  • Both have see-through covers for monitoring food.
  • It comes in 600 watts of power.
  • This food dehydrator runs at a preset temperature of approximately 165F.
Presto 06300 Dehydro Electric Food...
7,895 Reviews

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Suppose you want a good quality dehydrator at an affordable price. In that case, the Nesco dehydrator is an ideal choice for you. With its four fours trays expandable to seven, you can make delicious, homemade, and healthy snacks. It is great for people starting with dehydrating food, as there are no confusing thermostat settings. We particularly like the see-through cover, as this can help you keep an eye on your foodstuffs. Nesco have been creating kitchen appliances for a long time, so you know you are buying a quality product that has been backed by a great company and excellent customer service.

We at Dehydrated Foodz recommend this product and give it a rating of 7/10 due to its ease of use and price. Take a look at some more of these fantastic reviews.

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