How to Dehydrate Grapefruit in a Food Dehydrator

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Have you ever tried dehydrating grapefruit? If not, you’re in for a treat! Dehydrated grapefruit is sweet, tart, and delicious. Plus, it’s super easy to make in a food dehydrator. Not only does this method help preserve the flavor of the fruit, but it also helps reduce waste since you can use up the whole fruit—including the rinds! Read on to learn how to dehydrate grapefruit.

Types of Grapefruits to Dehydrate

Grapefruits are unique and tasty citrus fruit that can be enjoyed in various ways. Drying them is one of the most popular methods, as it allows an easy and convenient way to preserve the fruit for snacks or recipes. Here is a list of some of the most suitable varieties of grapefruits to dehydrate:

  1. White Grapefruit
  2. Ruby Red Grapefruit
  3. Oro Blanco
  4. Rio Red
  5. Melogold

Get Ready to Dehydrate Your Grapefruit

Preparing the Fruit

The first step is to prepare your grapefruit for dehydration. Start by washing it with cool water and cut off brown spots or blemishes on both sides. After that, cut your grapefruit into thin slices (about 1/4 inch thick).

Dehydrating Your Grapefruits

Once your fruits are prepared, place them on a single layer in your food dehydrator trays and set the temperature between 120-125°F (48-52°C). Rotate and flip the slices frequently throughout the drying process to ensure even drying. Depending on how thickly sliced they are, your fruit should take around 16-12 hours to fully dry. When done, they should break slightly when folded or bent but maintain their shape when held up.

A reminder: Make sure to keep a watchful eye on your grapefruits as they can change color and texture very quickly, so be sure to check on them every few hours. You can lower the temperature, but it will take longer to dry out.

Condition the Dehydrated Grapefruit

Once the grapefruits are thoroughly dried, you’ll need to condition them to prevent molding. This step is essential!

Storing Your Dehydrated Grapefruits

Once your grapefruits are conditioned, you can store them in an airtight container or vacuum-sealed bag in a cool, dry location for up to six months. I like using mason jars or vacuum-sealed bags to store my dehydrated fruits.

Give Your Snacks a Zesty Citrus Kick with Dehydrated Grapefruit!

  • Make a healthy granola topping by combining chopped-up dehydrated grapefruit with rolled oats and nuts.
  • Create decorations such as garland wreaths or citrus stars by cutting out shapes from the slices.
  • Add crunch to your yogurt parfait by sprinkling diced dehydrated grapefruit.
  • Incorporate dried grapefruit pieces into your favorite muffin recipe for a zesty twist.
  • Create tea for that extra kick!

How to Create Grapefruit Powder

Grapefruit powder is a great way to add delicious citrus flavor and texture to your favorite recipes. This crystallized powder can be used as a topping for salads or desserts, stirred into smoothies, or even used for jams. The best part is that you can easily make grapefruit powder at home! Here’s how:

Gather the ingredients.

You will need dried grapefruit and an electric coffee grinder or food processor.

Place your dehydrated grapefruit slices (broken into pieces) into the grinder or food processor and blend until you achieve a fine powder. Depending on the strength of your machine, it may take several minutes to reach this consistency.

Once it has come to room temperature, transfer the grapefruit powder to an airtight container and store it in a cool, unlit place until ready to use. The powder should keep for up to 6 months.


Your homemade grapefruit powder is now ready to enjoy as a delicious addition to your favorite dishes or snacks. Enjoy!

Discover the Joys of Making Your Own Grapefruit Powder!

Dehydrating grapefruits is a great way to preserve their flavor and reduce waste! Not only are they delicious as snacks on their own, but you can also use them as toppings for granola bowls or add some sweetness and texture to baked goods. So what are you waiting for? Get creative with your Excalibur food dehydrator and start making some delicious dried grapefruits today!

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