Weston Dehydrator Review

Having a food dehydrator machine allows you to prepare a variety of tasty recipes using healthy, whole ingredients. Even with no cooking experience, you can easily prepare jerky or dehydrate your favorite fruits and vegetables.

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Most of these appliances are built using similar designs. They feature a heating element and a fan to circulate air over shallow food trays. If you are interested in dehydrating food, take a closer look at the Weston Dehydrator. It is a versatile appliance with a wide temperature range and several other useful features. Here’s what you should know.

Weston Food Dehydrator 10 Tray Review

The Weston food dehydrator includes 10 trays. You do not need a lot of counter space for this dehydrator. It measures 15.4 x 21 inches and stands 15.4 inches tall. Despite the compact design, it has more space inside compared to most dehydrators in this price range.

The unit has several basic features that help it stand out as one of the best options for dehydrating food. It includes an adjustable thermostat, temperature guide, on/off switch, rear-mounted fan, and a 620-watt heating element.

This dehydrator is manufactured by Weston, one of the leading manufacturers of kitchen affordable, reliable kitchen appliances. As with their other products, the Weston Dehydrator offers a durable design, quality components, and a low price. You get a safe, economical solution for dehydrating a wide range of foods, including various meat, fish, fruit, and vegetables.

Who Is This Product for?

The Weston Food Dehydrator 10-Tray appliance is a top recommendation for anyone that wants to dehydrate large quantities of food. This device offers more drying space compared to most of your other options.

With 10 square feet of space, you can even prepare multiple recipes at the same time, if they require the same temperature. The extra space combined with a simple control panel makes the Weston food dehydrator perfect for beginners. You can start dehydrating meat or veggies in seconds after unboxing the appliance.

The versatility of the dehydrator also makes it a top choice for experienced cooks. You can set the temperature to as low as 84-degrees Fahrenheit and turn it up to 155-degrees Fahrenheit. The higher temperature is necessary for safely cooking jerky.

What’s Included?

Food dehydrators do not come with a lot of features or accessories, as they are relatively simple appliances. With the Weston Dehydrator, you get everything needed to start preparing dried foods. It comes equipped with 10 trays that you can easily slide in and out of the dehydrator.

To dry your favorite foods, you simply plug the dehydrator into an outlet, arrange your food, set the temperature, and turn the machine on. It also includes a 620-watt heating element and rear-mounted drying system for even air circulation, which helps food dry quickly and evenly.

Overview of Features

The main feature of the Weston Dehydrator is the 10-tray design. It includes 10 separate trays, each measuring 14.25 x 10.75 inches. It is one of the largest, affordable food dehydrators available. The trays have nonstick surfaces for easier cleanup.

Unfortunately, cleaning the inside of the machine is not easy. If food spills from the trays, it may get caught in the grooves that the trays slide on or end up stuck to the bottom. This is a common issue for larger food dehydrators, but it is easy to prevent if you avoid overfilling the trays.

To help food dehydrate evenly and safely, the dehydrator features a rear-mounted fan. The fan pushes air from the back to the front, ensuring that each tray receives optimal circulation.

The 620-watt heating element and adjustable thermostat allow you to prepare a wide range of foods. It is an ideal option for jerky, dried herbs, fruit roll-ups, banana chips, and more. The machine dries the food while helping to retain nutrients.

After turning the machine on and setting the temperature, the 5.5-inch fan starts circulating the warm air over the trays to dehydrate your food. Unlike some of the other food dehydrators, the fan is ultra-quiet.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

How to Get the Most Out of it

If you are looking to get the most out of the Weston Food Dehydrator 10-Tray device, make sure that you select the right temperature. Some foods require lower temperatures for optimal dehydration.

Luckily, the Weston Dehydrator includes a drying guide right next to the adjustable thermostat. It recommends temperatures of 144 to 155 degrees Fahrenheit for jerky and meats. For herbs, Weston recommends setting the temperature between 95 and 125-degrees Fahrenheit.

You should also pay attention to how you arrange food on the trays to maximize your space. Weston positioned the trays relatively close together, leaving you with less room for large foods. Items such as squash or beets may need to be cut before placing them on the tray.


  • 10 square feet of drying space
  • Easy to operate controls
  • The rear-mounted drying system provides even air circulation
  • Includes a powerful 620-watt heating element
  • The adjustable thermostat ranges from 84 to 155 degrees Fahrenheit


  • Not the easiest appliance to clean
  • The trays are close together and may squish larger foods


The Weston Dehydrator is a top choice for dehydrating food, but it may not be the right option for everyone. If you do not need 10 trays, you may prefer a smaller food dehydrator, such as the Excalibur 2400.

The Excalibur 2400 food dehydrator has four trays and four square feet of drying space. You could also try the Weston Fruit & Veggie Dehydrator with four trays. It has three square feet of drying space and a simple on/off switch, but no adjustable thermostat.

The Hamilton Beach 32100A Digital Food Dehydrator is another good alternative to the Weston Dehydrator. It has five stackable trays and an adjustable digital thermostat.


The Weston Food Dehydrator 10-Tray is a large appliance with lots of drying space, allowing you to prepare large batches of dehydrated recipes. It is a reliable device and easy to operate, making it one of the best food dehydrators available. Whether you want to make jerky or veggie chips, the Weston Dehydrator has you covered.