Gourmia Cut and Dry Dehydrator Review: Awesome Food Preservation

Get your food fix without the additives with Gourmia Cut and Dry Dehydrator. This helpful appliance preserves all of your favorite fruits, veggies, and meats from spoiling with a simple touchscreen operation for pinpoint dehydrating! Choose a precise time or temperature setting to make sure that every last bite is perfect.

Gourmia Cut and Dry Dehydrator

It features a 360° air flow circulation that dries food uniformly. The Gourmia Dehydrator also comes with drying trays in an extra-large size so you can prepare different foods at once!

Let’s See What Other Features Gourmia Cut And Dry Dehydrator Has:

  • 6 Removable TRAYS: Dehydrate various fruits, vegetables, herbs, and meats all at once. Easily save time by having everything ready to go at the same time!
  • This appliance is equipped with a modern LED touch interface that lets you quickly set the time and temperature.
  • Tranquil and clear, this dehydrator is the perfect way to watch food dehydrate as it happens. It’s got a see-through door, so you can monitor your progress at all times!
  • The easy-to-use LED display will show the default temperature of 158°F when pressing the temp button.


  • It comes with a 480-watt heating element, which is the perfect size. This machine does not take up too much space.
  • You can monitor the temperature and time. 
  • The Gourmia Cut And Dry Dehydrator is ideal for preserving your favorite fruits, vegetables, and meats.
  • This machine comes with six large drying trays.


  • The accessories are sold separately.
  • This Gourmia dehydrator only comes in black.
  • You cant expand to include more trays.

Gourmia Cut and Dry Dehydrator Material

The Gourmia GFD1650 is a professional-grade food dehydrator that will likely be an excellent appliance in your kitchen for years to come. The drying chamber’s plastic construction makes it safe and sturdy but still easy enough to clean after every use, thanks to its stain-resistant material.

The stylish black color looks great in any kitchen.


The Gourmia appliance does offer many features, but that doesn’t mean it’s too complicated to use. On the contrary, the Gourmia food dehydrator is designed with simplicity in mind.

It also has a modern-looking LED display which allows you to monitor its progress at all times as well!

It does also have a viewing door where you can see your food dehydrating.

The Gourmia Cut and Dry Dehydrator is ideal for beginners looking to preserve their favorite fruits, vegetables, and meats or create healthy snacks!

One downside to this model might be the highest temperature of 158º F, which may not be enough for some jerky enthusiasts looking for higher-temperature dehydrating. Remember that this appliance is more like a starter unit!

One of the best thing about this machine is that it’s super quiet. I could sleep during the night because of how well-designed and built the appliance is, even with six trays going on at once! In addition, the quality was consistent throughout all six trays, which can be hard to find in a dehydrator like this one.

Is It Easy To Use?

The Gourmia Cut And Dry Dehydrator user interface is intuitive, and it doesn’t even require a manual. The only task you have to do once you have placed the food on the trays is to set your desired time and temperature on the easy-to-use LED touch screen panel.

Dehydrator Buying Guide

For you to choose the best dehydrator for your needs, we recommend that you consider the following factors: 

– How many times would you use the dehydrator?

Small dehydrators can make dried for small families. Still, to make dehydrated food in bulk or on regular use, you will need to invest in a more significant appliance such as Excalibur EX10EL.

– What is your budget? 

You can find a dehydrator in the $30 range and upwards. 

– How large of an appliance do you want to put on your countertop or shelves? 

Many small machines could fit in a pantry or small storage space. However, bigger ones can take up a lot of your area in the kitchen.

– What types of foods do you want to preserve (fruit, vegetables, or meat)?

If you are preserving meat, we recommend purchasing an appliance with an adjustable thermostat and timer. The low-range models can dehydrate many foods.

– What are your energy needs? 

If you want to conserve energy, consider purchasing a dehydrator with an adjustable thermostat and timer. This will allow you only to use the appliance when necessary, thereby saving power consumption. However, if it is not that important for you, then don’t worry about this factor in choosing your machine.

Why You Need One

There are many benefits of a food dehydrator. The Gourmia Cut And Dry Dehydrator review revealed that it is an ideal way to preserve food so that you can enjoy fresh-tasting produce all year round.

You can save money by not needing to purchase produce, and you can provide your family with healthy options.

Food preservation is an excellent way for those who are on special diets or have food allergies to enjoy their favorite foods without worry all year round! 

Food dehydrators are great for making gourmet-style dried fruit, beef jerky, and yogurt as well. 

You can also use these appliances to create wonderful treats like fruit rollups or homemade trail mix with nuts and seeds – the possibilities are endless!

Where to Buy It

This Dehydrator can be purchased on www.gourmia.com for a reasonable price or from Amazon for a great price. In addition, you may find it in other kitchen stores such as Bed Bath & Beyond.


I am really impressed with the Gourmia Cut And Dry Dehydrator. It has plenty of drying space and some great features to help make your food preparation more straightforward, like an LED interface, adjustable thermostat, and timer. The six large trays can also be easily removed for cleaning. The only downside is that you cant expand the trays, so you should check if there are any issues before purchasing this product, but overall, I think it would be a good investment! 

Let me know your thoughts on the Gourmia Digital Dehydrator by leaving a comment below or contacting us. We love hearing from you.

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