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How to Make Dehydrated Cantaloupe

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Dehydrated cantaloupes make a healthy and delicious snack, whether it’s for trail mix, lunches or just having snacks at home. The cantaloupe retains its sweetness even when they are dried; this makes it a better choice than high sugar foods such as candy and chocolate.

When you have sliced and dried the cantaloupe then you will need to appropriately store the fruit to keep it safe and fresh.

Washing the Cantaloupe.

When washing the cantaloupe make sure to put it under the cool tap water, also make sure you turn the cantaloupe with your hands when the fruit is under the tap. You should use a vegetable brush to clean the cantaloupe’s rough skin of any dirt. Use a paper towel or dry cloth to dry the fruit. To clean the cantaloupe you won’t need to use soap, the brush and water are adequate.

Slicing up Your Cantaloupe

You will need to cut the cantaloupe lengthwise and to do this you will need a serrated knife. You must also make sure to keep your fingers safe when using the knife to prevent any injury. When the cantaloupe is cut you should use a spoon to remove the liquid and seeds from each half of the cantaloupe.

Cut each half of the cantaloupe into four pieces. Make sure to cut lengthwise through each piece of cantaloupes center. You will, in fact, be cutting each half of cantaloupe two times, into smaller halves; at the end, you should have 8 total pieces of the cantaloupe.

Peel each slice. Use the serrated knife to remove the rind.

Now that you have removed the rind from the cantaloupe you need to cut each piece of the fruit into half-inch ( 12mm) thick slices. You will need to cut the slices at half an inch to create long thin strips of cantaloupe. You need to do this to all eighth pieces of the cantaloupe. If you are not sure which part you should start cutting, you can use a tape measure to guide the blade.

How to Dry Cantaloupe Slices

Now comes the time to dry the cantaloupe slices. You need to spread out the cantaloupe slices on the food dehydrator tray. Next, you need to set the temperature of the dehydrator to 135 degrees Fahrenheit ( 57 Celsius ) and let sit around 16 hours. It all depends on the texture of the cantaloupe you prefer and you might want to dehydrate the slices for up to 18 hours.

•    Please note that some dehydrators will vary in size and shape which will limit how much slices you can dehydrate at one time.

•    Different dehydrators have different instructions, always check the owners manual for instructions.

How to Store the Dehydrated Cantaloupe Slices

Store the dehydrated cantaloupe slices in a container that is airtight. For example, it can be a mason jar or a sandwich bag. You must make sure the seal of the container that you choose is airtight; the reason for this is to avoid moisture from mixing with the cantaloupe slices and keep the fruit dry.

To keep your fruit slices edible for longer, you can wrap the container in a brown paper bag. This stops the direct sunlight which can cause discoloration in the fruit slices. Also, keep the container dry and cool.

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