You Need a Great Dehydrated Pears Recipe That Will Please Your Family

You want to be able to continue to offer your family fun new foods that will keep them happy. It is also very important to serve your family meals and snacks that are healthy to eat. Showing a commitment to eating a healthy diet is important and it can help everyone in your family to live longer and happier lives. Thankfully, there are plenty of healthy foods out there that are also absolutely delicious.

One of the most interesting options that you should consider when looking into new snacks will be dehydrated pears. There is a very good dehydrated pears recipe that will be sure to please the entire family. If you decide to make use of it, then you will be able to enjoy a tasty treat that will also be providing your family with decent nutrition.

Dehydrated fruit is really a great option that people should start making use of more often. The benefits of dehydrated fruit are numerous and it can be very tasty overall. Most dehydrated fruits are both chewy and sweet, making them a very satisfying snack to take with you on the go. You can easily put some dehydrated pears in a baggie and take them with you to work for lunch.

Should You Buy Dehydrated Fruits?

While looking for a dehydrated pears recipe, you might be wondering to yourself “should I just buy the dehydrated fruits instead?” It is true that this is an option that is out there for you. You could make the decision to go out and buy dehydrated pears instead of making things for yourself. There are many reasons why you should consider doing things on your own, though.

Firstly, buying fruit at the supermarket is not going to be organic in many situations. This can lead to you getting fruit that is less than ideal. Many of the fruits that are sold at the supermarket are full of chemicals and various forms of sugar. You might be thinking that you are purchasing a delicious, nutritious snack but it is really going to wind up being a sugar-laden treat that isn’t benefiting you as much as you had hoped. For this reason, it is worthwhile to make your own dehydrated pears.

Before you get started with your dehydrated pears recipe, you should take the time to buy the best organic pears that you can. If you are growing your own pears, then that is even better. Most people will need to find a reliable source of organic fruit to start things off. It should not be too difficult but just be sure that you have the best ingredients before moving forward.

How Long Will Making Your Own Dehydrated Fruits Take?

How long it will take to make your own dehydrated fruits is going to depend on different factors. The delicious dehydrated pears recipe that you will find below will take approximately five hours to complete. It is true that it will take a bit of time and effort to accomplish this recipe but it is not difficult to do. As long as you have a little bit of time, you will be able to pull this off and get good results.

Let’s find out how to dehydrate pears below.

Delicious Dehydrated Pear Slices

Making these dehydrated pear slices should be a lot of fun. You need to make sure that you have all of the right ingredients before beginning. You need to grab your organic pears and you will also want to use some lemon juice. The lemon juice is mostly there to help your dehydrated pear slices to look the best that they can.

Wash your pears to start things off. Go ahead and eliminate any bruises or undesirable spots on the pear by cutting them out. Slice your pears next by making them into rings. You can choose to use an apple corer on the pear ahead of slicing it, but it isn’t a necessity.

Soak your pears in a mixture of lemon juice and water for approximately ten minutes. After this, you can arrange the pear slices properly on the tray of your food dehydrator. It is also possible to achieve the same results using a traditional oven. Using a cookie sheet and parchment paper will work excellently so set them up on the top rack of the oven if you need to do so.

Heat your oven up to 160 degrees Fahrenheit. Some ovens do not go this low so you can set it to “warm” to achieve the same effect with many units. Place your cookie sheet in the oven and let the pears dry for three hours. Check on them periodically to judge their progress. Dehydrating pears can take longer or shorter amounts of time depending on certain factors. The moisture of the fruit plays a big role in how long it will take to dry itself out.

Once the pears have been properly dried to your liking, you can take them out of your oven or food dehydrator. Let them sit for a while so that they can cool. Once the dried pear slices are cool enough, you can place them into airtight containers to be properly stored. They should turn out quite deliciously and you will be proud of the results.

Make Yours Today

If you like the idea of making delicious dried pears, then you should try out the recipe today. This dehydrated pears recipe is going to be a big hit with your family. It can take some time to make these dehydrated pears properly but the overall taste is going to be worth the effort. It just might become a new favorite snack in your household.

Making your own organic dehydrated pear slices will be good fun when you go into it with the right mindset. This is going to be an easy snack to make even if it does take a fair amount of time in the oven or food dehydrator. Give it a shot so that you can enjoy some chewy, sweet, and tantalizing pears today. You’ll be happy that you added a new healthy snack to your repertoire.

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