The Best Chambered Vacuum Sealer for Food and Storage

Investing in a chambered vacuum sealer is a smart move for any kitchen with ample room and funds. Not only will you reduce food waste, but it also surpasses most edge sealers in longevity and, perhaps most impressively, can handle sealing liquids. We will guide you through selecting the suitable chamber sealer, outline its advantages and disadvantages, and share some top-quality options on Amazon. So get ready to elevate your kitchen game.

Top Chambered Vacuum Sealer to Consider

Avid Armor Chamber Sealer

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Avid Armor - Chamber Vacuum Sealer Machine GS53
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Introducing the Avid Armor chamber vacuum sealer – the ultimate solution to keep your liquid-rich foods fresh and delicious for longer. This powerful air-sealing machine guarantees a leak-free seal, ensuring your soups, sauces, marinades, and cocktails stay fresher and longer.

Unlike ordinary vacuum sealers, this kitchen sealing machine comes with a marinating feature that lets you quickly marinate your food items in the vacuum chamber. So say goodbye to long wait times as this vacuum packer machine opens up the surface of your meat and soaks it in the marinade within minutes.

This food packing machine is user-friendly with its straightforward, one-touch controls guaranteeing a perfect, positive seal. In addition, it comes with a 10-inch chamber vacuum seal bar and two sealing wires, allowing you to pack more food items quickly.

With its sleek, compact design, this vacuum sealer is ideal for packing individual or family-sized servings. Measuring 10.5 “W x 10.5 “L x 3.5 “H, it has a clear glass lid for easy loading. It can be placed anywhere in your kitchen, assuming a power outlet nearby and enough space on the counter.

The Avid Armor product is made with sturdy metal and resilient plastic, ensuring longevity and durability. In addition, the bold black color adds a touch of sophistication to any environment. And at just 22 pounds, it’s a breeze to move around.


Experience effortless control with the intuitive panel and customizable settings. The 10″ double-wide seal bar creates a robust, superior seal for all your packaging needs. It Easily accommodates seal chamber pouches and mylar bags up to 10×13″ and effortlessly seals external canisters and jars.

The USVX creates a robust vacuum seal for all kinds of foods, even those with a high liquid content. From savory soups and sauces to your go-to cocktail, this machine locks in freshness like no other. Plus, with the ‘Quick & Easy Marinate Function,’ you can marinate meat in a snap.

Plus, this vacuum sealer comes fully equipped with an accessory port, meaning you can easily seal canisters, mason jars, and containers.


It guarantees reliable performance, boasts a user-friendly design, and eliminates freezer burn.


The Avid Armor sealer is a bit pricey and makes some noise.

Weston Pro 2500 Vacuum Sealer

Weston Chamber Vacuum Sealer (Pro-2500)
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Introducing the Weston Pro-2500 Chamber Vacuum Sealer Machine – the ultimate solution for vacuum sealing liquids and powdery or delicate foods without hassle. Perfect for preserving freshness and ideal for fish, bone in meats, soups, sauces, and marinades.

Not just for sealing but also for sous vide.

But how does it work? First, the air is sucked out from the machine’s chamber, maintaining even pressure in and out of the bag. This allows liquids to stay in the bag, ensuring maximum freshness for your food.

This powerful machine has features, including an adjustable seal time with an easy-to-read display, the body is made of stainless steel, a clear lid for the bag alignment, and a vacuum pressure of 29.5 of HG. It also features a large chamber that has a measurement of 13 ¾” x 11 ¾” x 4″ and accepts bags up to 12″ wide and 14″ long.

With seal bars that are 3.5 (mm) thick, rapid vacuum and seal time, and a digital display to indicate progress, the Weston Pro-2500 Chamber Vacuum Sealer Machine is everything you need for perfect vacuum sealing every time. Plus, it has an instant-seal operation for custom bag sizes on the fly.


  • Solid machine with stainless steel body
  • Easy-to-read display
  • It has an adjustable seal time and vacuum pressure
  • Large chamber size, up to 14″ long bags
  • Rapid seal time
  • The Weston has an instant seal feature.


  • Costly

Vacmaster VP215

Introducing another great machine, the VacMaster VP215 Chamber Vacuum Sealer – the ultimate solution for packaging anything! Thanks to its innovative chamber technology, you can now easily vacuum package liquids and liquid-rich foods. In addition, with the VP215, you increase the shelf life of your products up to 5 times longer than traditional storage methods.

Equipped with a heavy-duty professional grade 1/5-hp rotary oil pump, this powerful machine delivers a strong and consistent vacuum and seal every time, making it ideal for small businesses, restaurants, hunters, fishermen processing game at home, and sous vide applications.

Enjoy a range of other features, including a heavy-duty 1/5 hp oil pump, 20-40 seconds cycle time, a 10-inch removable seal bar with double seal wire, and a user-friendly digital control panel with an easy-to-read pressure indicator. The VP215 also boasts a durable stainless steel body, an impressive maximum chamber bag size of 10″ x 13″, and overall dimensions of 14″ x 20″ x 15″.

Say goodbye to traditional storage methods and hello to the efficient, reliable, and professional VacMaster VP215 Chamber Vacuum Sealer!

How to Vacuum Seal Liquids with Avid Armor USVX Chamber Vacuum Sealer

Follow these bold and straightforward steps for a foolproof way to vacuum seal liquids using the Avid Armor USVX Chamber Vacuum Sealer. We are using an eight-by-12-chamber vacuum pouch.

Step 1: Prepare Your Liquid. Make sure your liquid is cool before vacuum sealing. This is because they can create a mess if they are hot, so avoid any disasters by chilling them first.

Step 2: Choose the Right Bag. Select a high-quality vacuum seal bag that’s the right size for your liquid. Avid Armor bags are perfect for the job.

Step 3: Fill the Bag. Pour your liquid into the bag, leaving some space at the top. Don’t overfill – give your sealer room to work its magic. Make sure the bag is halfway full.

Step 4: Position the Bag. Lay the bag flat in the chamber, with the opening facing up. Ensure the edge of the bag is aligned with the sealing bar for an even seal.

Step 5: Close the Lid. Gently lower the lid onto the chamber. Before proceeding, ensure that it has been locked in its place.

Step 6: Set the Controls. Adjust the settings on your Avid Armor USVX Chamber Vacuum Sealer. Check the vacuum pressure, sealing time, and cooling time according to your liquid and preferences.

Step 7: Start the Process Press the “Auto Vac and Seal” button and watch your vacuum sealer do its thing. The machine will remove the air, seal the bag, and release the pressure. It’s a good idea to watch your food in the sealer. Also, don’t worry about the bubbles in your bag as the air is being removed.

Step 8: Remove and Inspect Once the cycle is complete, lift the lid and carefully remove your vacuum-sealed liquid. Inspect the bag for a tight seal and no leaks.

Step 9: Store or Use Now that your liquid is vacuum sealed, you can store it for later use.

Master the Art of Vacuum Sealing Liquids Follow these simple steps to vacuum seal liquids like a pro using the Avid Armor USVX Chamber Vacuum Sealer. Enjoy the longer-lasting freshness and the convenience of pre-prepared ingredients for your culinary masterpieces.

What is a chamber vacuum sealer?

A chamber vacuum sealer is a type of machine that removes all of the air from a chamber before sealing the bag. This sealing method differs from other vacuum sealers that only remove air from the bag. Chamber vacuum sealers are more powerful and versatile, allowing for sealing liquids and marinating food. They also create a more robust seal and are ideal for bulk processing.

What are the benefits of using a chamber vacuum sealer?

Airtight Seal That Keeps Food Fresh for Longer

If you want to keep your food fresher for longer, a chamber vacuum sealer might be the solution you’re looking for. Unlike other vacuum sealers, a chamber vacuum sealer removes air from a sealed chamber instead of just from the bag. This creates an airtight seal that keeps food fresh for longer by slowing down the deterioration process caused by aerobic bacterial growth. By removing most of the oxygen around food, the chamber vacuum sealer prevents freezer burn and other bacterial growth that can spoil your food. Additionally, vacuum sealing food in a chamber sealer is a more effective way to store food, whether it’s refrigerated or frozen. It comes with the added benefit of shortcutting all sorts of projects, like pickling and infusing, that would otherwise take days or weeks.

Easy Sealing of Different Types of Food Items

These machines are designed to remove all the air from a sealed container, which helps prevent spoilage and freezer burn. But the benefits of a chamber vacuum sealer go beyond just preserving food. These machines are also great for pickling and infusing and can even seal liquids, powders, and delicate foods.

For example, if you want to freeze soup, a chamber vacuum sealer can help you create convenient, flat portions that take up less space in your freezer. Similarly, suppose you want to store sauces or marinades. In that case, a chamber vacuum sealer can ensure they stay fresh and flavorful for longer. And when it comes to meats, a chamber vacuum sealer can help prevent freezer burn and keep your cuts tender and juicy.

The best part about chamber vacuum sealers is that they are easy to use and versatile enough to handle all kinds of foods. In addition, you can customize your machine to suit your needs and preferences with adjustable vacuum strength and a wide seal bar.

Convenience of Batch Cooking and Food Preservation

Chamber vacuum sealers are an excellent addition to any kitchen, making food preservation and batch cooking more convenient. By removing all the air from bags that hold your food, these sealers ensure that your food stays fresh for longer, preventing freezer burn and spoilage. This means storing your food in the freezer for days without losing its original taste. Additionally, you can separate your food into smaller portions, saving space in your freezer and making it easier to serve later. With chamber vacuum sealers, you can even vacuum-seal liquids like soup, making it a versatile tool for any home cook or professional chef.

Versatility of Different Chamber Vacuum Sealers for different applications

Chamber vacuum sealers are versatile machines that provide an excellent solution for sealing in freshness, marinating, sous vide cooking, and storing a wide range of foods, liquids, and marinades. Different types of vacuum sealers are available right now, each with its specific use. The VacMaster VP215 Chamber Vacuum Sealer is the best chamber vacuum sealer, perfect for home users, hunters, anglers, commercial kitchens, and food producers. The Avid Armor Chamber Vacuum Sealer is the best value vacuum sealer for medium-sized businesses, while the Weston Pro-2500 Chamber Vacuum Sealer is the best for more significant portions. Vacuum sealing foods can increase shelf life, enhance efficiency, expedite the marination process for meat, and enhance the appearance of packaged products. Chamber vacuum sealers are available in different sizes and capacities, with adjustable seal and marinate time, digital screen, and heavy-duty design, making them easy to use and perfect for any food packaging or marinating needs.

Saving Space in the Fridge and the Freezer

Using a chamber vacuum sealer can help save space in the fridge and freezer in several ways:

  • By removing the air around the food, the sealer reduces the packaging size, allowing for more efficient storage of food items.
  • The sealer can also separate the food into smaller portions, making it easier to store and use later without defrosting the whole batch.
  • Vacuum-sealed food lasts longer, reducing the need to keep large quantities of food in the fridge or freezer at once.
  • The sealer can also prevent freezer burn and spoilage due to oxidation, further extending the shelf life of food items.

Using a chamber vacuum sealer, you can shrink the packaging size of food items, which will help you store them in your fridge or freezer more efficiently. Moreover, this will enhance their shelf life and enable you to save space.

Reduced Risk of Food Spoilage and Bacterial Growth

Using a chamber vacuum sealer reduces the risk of food spoilage and bacterial growth by removing most of the oxygen around the food, which slows down the deterioration process caused by aerobic bacterial growth. Vacuum sealing also helps prevent freezer burn and oxidation, which helps retain the color and integrity of the food. In addition, it provides a more secure way to portion and package food, especially for raw proteins like meat, poultry, and seafood, which can be stored safely for longer. However, perishable foods that have been vacuum-sealed are still prone to certain forms of bacterial growth, so they must be refrigerated or frozen.

Cost Savings Compared to Other Preservation Methods

A chamber vacuum sealer is a worthwhile investment for those who want to save money on food preservation in the long run. Although the initial cost may be high, the bags used in a chamber vacuum sealer are significantly cheaper than those used in traditional vacuum sealers, allowing for savings over time. Additionally, the ability to seal liquids without freezing them saves time. It eliminates the need for additional steps in the preservation process. Using a chamber vacuum sealer, individuals can preserve food for extended periods without the risk of freezer burn, ultimately reducing food waste and saving money on groceries.

Ability to Preserve Different Types of Foods and Liquids

Chamber vacuum sealers are versatile kitchen tools that can help preserve various foods and liquids. By removing the air around the food, these sealers can help keep the original taste and aroma of the food intact. They can also prevent freezer burn and oxidation, which are common issues in food storage. Vacuum sealing is a great way to store raw meat, poultry, and seafood in the freezer. When vacuum-sealed, these proteins can last up to three years. Liquids like soup can also be vacuum-sealed without any mess. Fruits and vegetables can be vacuum-sealed to preserve their peak ripeness. In short, a chamber vacuum sealer is an excellent investment for anyone looking to extend the shelf life of their food and reduce food waste.

Convenience of Using a Chamber Vacuum Sealer at Home

If you want to improve your food storage game, a chamber vacuum sealer is the way. Unlike regular vacuum sealers, chamber vacuum sealers are designed to handle liquids like soups and sauces without making a mess. They also create a more durable seal, meaning your food will stay fresher longer. Plus, if you’re processing food in bulk, you won’t have to wait for the machine to cool down between packages. The Avid Armor USV32 chamber vacuum sealer is an excellent option for home cooks. It can vacuum seal all sorts of foods quickly and easily. With this technology, you can easily store liquids in convenient flat portions, making it one of the most compact freezer containers for soup. Overall, a chamber vacuum sealer is a timely and efficient way to extend the shelf life of your food while preserving its quality and taste.

Different types of chamber vacuum sealers and how to choose the right one for you

  1. Versatility

Chamber vacuum sealers are versatile machines that can seal various foods and liquids, making them a valuable addition to any kitchen. These machines use a chamber to create a vacuum, which removes air from the bag or container before sealing it, creating an airtight seal that keeps food fresh for longer. One of the key benefits of using a chamber vacuum sealer is that it can pack dry and wet foods, including meats, fish, vegetables, fruits, and even liquids like soups and sauces. This makes it ideal for preserving leftovers, meal prepping, and sous vide cooking. In addition, some models come with unique features like marinating programs, which can infuse meats and vegetables with flavor in a fraction of the time it would take using traditional methods. As a result, a chamber vacuum sealer is a valuable tool that can save you time and money by reducing food waste and allowing you to easily prepare and store various foods.


When choosing a chamber vacuum sealer, budget considerations are essential. Chamber vacuum sealers can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars, depending on the features and capabilities. Lower-priced models typically have smaller chambers, lower suction power, and fewer features. However, they can still provide reliable performance for home use. Mid-range models offer a larger capacity, more substantial suction power, and more features like automatic sealing and digital controls. High-end models offer the most advanced features, such as multiple sealing bars and customizable settings, but come with a higher price tag. For a powerful machine, the VacMaster VP215 and the Weston Pro-2500 are both highly regarded and offer reliable performance for home use at a good performance.

3.Vacuum-Sealing Needs

When choosing a chamber vacuum sealer, it’s essential to consider your specific vacuum-sealing needs. Think about the type and amount of food you plan to seal and how frequently you will use the machine. For example, plan to fill significant cuts of meat or multiple bags at once. A chamber vacuum sealer with a larger chamber size may be ideal. On the other hand, if you work with fragile foods, a low-pressure mode may be necessary. Some of the best chamber vacuum sealers on the market also have a marinating feature, which can be an excellent option for restaurants or frequent home cooks. Choosing a chamber vacuum sealer that meets your specific needs is essential to ensure optimal performance and efficiency.


Several brands of chamber vacuum sealers are available in the market, each with unique selling points. One of the top players in the industry is VacMaster, which has been in business for over 30 years. They are known for producing high-quality vacuum sealers that are durable and efficient. Weston is another brand that offers a range of chamber vacuum sealers that are affordable and easy to use. Finally, SousVide Supreme is known for its compact and portable vacuum sealers that are perfect for home use. These brands are well-respected in the market and offer various options to suit different needs and budgets.


When choosing a chamber vacuum sealer, several essential features must be considered to ensure optimal performance. To begin with, it is crucial to consider the chamber’s size. A larger machine will allow more oversized items to be sealed. At the same time, a smaller sealer will be more suitable for smaller items. Secondly, the power and suction strength of the machine are crucial factors in determining the effectiveness of the vacuum sealing process. The stronger the suction strength, the better the device will remove air from the package. Thirdly, the seal bar is an important aspect to consider and should be made of durable material to ensure a tight seal.

Additionally, the number of seal bars and their placement on the machine can affect the speed and efficiency of the sealing process. Finally, the control panel and user interface should be intuitive and easy to use, allowing for customization of the sealing process. When presenting these features, it would be logical to start with the chamber size and move on to the power and suction strength, followed by the seal bar and control panel.

6.Operation Mode

Chamber vacuum sealers operate by placing the product and the bag inside the chamber, where the air is then removed to create a vacuum. The sealing bar and contra bar are then closed to heat the sealing wires and melt the bag’s layers. After a few seconds, the bars reopen, allowing outside air to re-enter the chamber cavity and open the lid on the machine. As a result, the residual oxygen inside the package is very low, and the pouch may be compressed tightly around the product.

Chamber vacuum sealers have two operation programs: automatic and manual. In automatic mode, the machine automatically completes the vacuum and sealing processes, making it ideal for high-volume production environments. In contrast, manual mode requires the operator to control the vacuum and sealing processes. Therefore, it is perfect for small-scale operations or when dealing with delicate products. The benefits of automatic mode include speed, precision, and consistency. The benefits of manual mode include greater control, flexibility, and the ability to adjust the vacuum and sealing processes as needed. Ultimately, the choice of operation mode depends on the user’s specific needs.

7.Heating Method

Chamber vacuum sealers use two main heating methods to seal the pouches: impulse and constant heat sealing. Impulse sealing uses a heated wire pressed against the bag to melt and seal the edges together. This method is quick and efficient but can only be used with certain types of pouch materials and may not produce a consistent seal. Constant heat sealing uses a heated bar that maintains a constant temperature to seal the edges together. This method is more versatile and creates a more robust seal. Still, it requires more time and energy to heat up and maintain the temperature. Ultimately, the choice between the two methods depends on the type of pouch material and the desired strength and consistency of the seal.


One crucial factor to consider when choosing a chamber vacuum sealer is capacity. The size of the sealing chamber determines the maximum size of the item you can seal. Chamber vacuum sealers come in various sizes, ranging from small tabletop models to large industrial ones.

To determine the suitable capacity for your needs, consider the size of the items you plan to seal. For example, a smaller chamber may be sufficient if you only plan to pack small items like individual food portions or small bags of snacks. However, if you plan to seal significant cuts of meat or batches of produce, a larger chamber may be necessary.

It’s also important to consider the frequency of use. If you plan to use the vacuum sealer frequently or for commercial purposes, a larger chamber may be more convenient and efficient. On the other hand, if you only plan to use it occasionally for personal use, a smaller machine may suffice.

In conclusion, when choosing a chamber vacuum sealer, consider the size of the items you plan to seal and the frequency of use to determine the appropriate capacity. For example, a smaller chamber may be sufficient for occasional personal use. A larger brand may be necessary for frequent use or commercial purposes. By selecting the proper size, you can ensure that your vacuum sealer meets your needs and helps you preserve your food and other items for extended periods.


What is a chambered vacuum sealer?

A chamber vacuum sealer is a device that removes air from its chamber and then seals the bag. Unlike other vacuum sealers, this machine can pack liquids without spilling. It also creates a tighter seal and removes more air from the bag, extending the food’s shelf life and saving freezer space. Chamber vacuum sealers are used to store a variety of foods, such as fruits, vegetables, meats, and fish. They can also be used to marinate food faster and are suitable for both home and commercial use.

What are the benefits of using a chambered vacuum sealer?

Benefits of using a chambered vacuum sealer:

  • Keeps food fresh for more extended periods in the freezer by removing air and preventing spoilage due to oxidation and freezer burn
  • It saves space in the freezer and allows for portioning of food for later use
  • It can be used to vacuum-seal liquids, such as soup, without worrying about spills.
  • It provides a more durable seal compared to inexpensive edge vacuum sealers.
  • Ideal for processing food in bulk without having to wait for the machine to cool down between sealings
  • It can also be used to marinate food faster, which can save time in a restaurant setting.
  • Invest in one of the best models to ensure the price is worth it.

How do chambered vacuum sealers work?

Chamber vacuum sealers remove air from a pouch or bag before sealing it shut. The essential components of a chamber vacuum sealer include a chamber, a seal bar, and a vacuum pump. To use the sealer, place the food-filled bag in the machine and lay the open edge over the seal bar. Then, you close the lid and activate the vacuum pump, which removes the air from the chamber and the bag. Once the air is removed, the seal bar heats up and seals the bag shut, creating an airtight seal that keeps the food fresh for longer. Chamber vacuum sealers are ideal for sealing liquids and processing food in bulk, as they can handle multiple bags without cooling down between sealings. While they are more expensive and heavier than external vacuum sealers, they offer a more durable seal and are quieter to operate.

What are the differences between a standard vacuum sealer and a chambered vacuum sealer?

Vacuum sealing is a method of food preservation that removes air from a bag or container to prevent freezer burn and extend the shelf life of the food. Standard vacuum sealers work by sucking the air out of a bag, but this can cause problems with liquids and interfere with the sealing process. On the other hand, Chambered vacuum sealers place the entire pouch inside a chamber and remove air from the machine, eliminating the issues with liquids. The device then heat-seals the bag and standard air pressure returns. Chambered sealers have powerful motors, are quieter than traditional sealers, and are best for extensive use. They don’t require as long rest between sealings and can seal pint Mason jars without additional accessories. However, they are expensive, heavy, take up a lot of space, and are usually intended for professional use.

What accessories are available with chambered vacuum sealers?

Chambered vacuum sealers typically do not require additional accessories, as standard pint Mason jars can fit directly inside the chamber. However, some models may require jar attachments for flash-pickling in wide-mouth canning jars or bottle stoppers to remove air from opened bottles of wine. All chambered vacuum sealers have a channel in the chamber to collect excess liquid, and some models have removable drip trays for easier cleanup. Additional accessories that enhance the user experience include marinating canisters and bag sealers with tape.

Are chambered vacuum sealers better for liquids than standard vacuum sealers?

Chambered vacuum sealers are better suited for sealing liquid than standard vacuum sealers. This is because the pressure inside the chamber is equalized, meaning no food can interfere with sealing. On the other hand, common vacuum sealers work by simply sucking the air out of the bag, which can pull out any liquids in the bag and interfere with the sealing process. Chambered sealers are also more heavy-duty and have more powerful motors than external sealers. As a result, they don’t require as long of rest between sealings and can seal liquids without needing to freeze them first. However, they are costly, heavy, and take up a lot of space, making them better suited for professional rather than household use.

How do you vacuum seal food with a chambered vacuum sealer?

Here are the steps involved in vacuum sealing food with a chambered vacuum sealer:

  1. Fill a compatible pouch with food and lay it inside the chamber with the open edge flat over the seal bar. The inner chamber’s sloped design allows it to hold liquid-filled bags without worrying about spills.
  2. Close the chamber sealer lid.
  3. Hit the “Auto Vac & Seal” button, and the vacuum sealer will evacuate all the air from the machine at once, leaving the air pressure equal in and out the pouch and preserving liquids secure inside the bag. Alternatively, you can set a custom vacuum and seal time.
  4. The sealing process takes around 60 seconds, and the 11.5-inch sealing bar creates a tight double seal on the pouch.
  5. Remove the sealed pouch from the chamber and start sealing the next serving.

Chamber vacuum sealers are ideal for processing in bulk since you don’t have to wait for the machine to cool down before sealing another food package. They also deliver a more durable seal than inexpensive edge vacuum sealers and make it easy and mess-free to seal liquids into convenient flat portions, making them one of the most compact freezer containers for soup.

How do you clean and maintain a chambered vacuum sealer?

Keep your machine sparkling clean and hygienic by wiping down the chamber, lid, and exterior with a damp cloth and mild soap after every use or when it gets dirty. Don’t forget to remove the seal bar and clean it with a damp cloth. For best results, use a recommended mild cleanser that can effectively eliminate food particles and stubborn grime.

Regular maintenance and cleaning of your chambered vacuum sealer can help prolong its lifespan and ensure optimal performance. Remember to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines for cleaning and maintenance.

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