VacMaster Pro 350 Vacuum Sealer Review

We know how time-consuming it can be to find the perfect vacuum sealer. We have been there, done that- and we want to share our experience with you, so you won’t have to go through what we did! After hours of research, we finally found a product that met all of our needs: The VacMaster Pro 350! It has everything from suction power, cord length, price point, and more. Take a look at this article for more reasons why this is the best vacuum sealer on the market today!

VacMaster PRO350 Suction Vacuum Sealer
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    • The machine has a 12-inch seal bar with 5-mm seal wire that ensures you will get a perfect, durable and long seal every time.
    • The machine’s cooling fan is a welcome addition to the list of features that make it stand out. This powerful tool can handle heavy-duty projects without overheating, thanks to its built-in fans.
    • The PRO350 has a specially designed storage area for rolls up to 50 inches and includes a roll cutter. This allows you to store your bag materials inside the machine and pull out exactly what length of bag you need without having it spill all over the floor or countertop like when using standard scissors. The bags are perfect for vacuum-sealing many items at once because they can be custom cut right on site!

    What We Liked

    • We liked that it has a unique transparent lid that lets you check bag placement on the seal bar of the VacMaster Pro 350.
    • We also liked that it has an intuitive digital control panel, making it easier to pack hard cheese, meals, veggies, and fish.
    • Another excellent feature of this appliance is that it has an extra-wide seal wire that provides leak-proof protection.
    • This user-friendly product saves you time and money.
    • We loved the look of the machine with its sleek stainless steel exterior and dual solid piston vacuum pump.
    • I liked that it makes a beeping noise when the sealing is finished.
    • Another excellent time-saving feature I liked is that you could store and cut the bag in one place.

    What We Didn’t Like

    • The first thing we didn’t like about the VacMaster PRO 350 Sealer is that you have to use the full mesh bags or rolls with this machine- the chamber pouches won’t work in suction vacuum sealers. The reason for this is that the texture is needed for the appliance to pull a vacuum.
    • The PRO350 is not designed for wet items. The suction the sealer creates will suck any moisture in, damaging delicate components and ruining your vacuum pump. These units are made to work with dry foods only!

    Vacmaster Pro 350 Maintenance Kit

    • You can buy The VacMaster PRO 350 maintenance kit separately.
    • The kit comes with a bottom gasket, seal wire, and seal tape. The PRO 350 kit is made to the original specifications and designed for easy installation.
    • You cant get this from Amazon, but you can get it from the VacMaster website.

    How to Use the Vacuum Sealer

    • To use the product, you first need to plug it into an outlet ( do not power on the machine).
    • Next, lift the cutter bar( make sure not to touch the cutter as this is sharp) and press the buttons on the outside to open the roll storage to put the bags in.
    • Put the bag in the roll storage and close ( make sure to pull out bag slightly then close the storage)
    • Next, lower the cutter bar of the appliance.
    • Pull out the bag and tear the amount you need by using the cutter.
    • Now your bag is ready!
    • Next, you need to do is power on the machine.
    • Now, you need to lay the bag on the seal bar and use the option on the digital panel to seal it.
    • Now, add food into the full mesh bag or roll, place it on the seal bar, and allow it to be halfway in the chamber.
    • Please set it to desired time according to the manual and press start on the control panel.
    • It will beep when it’s done.
    • Once the machine is cooled down, you should safely turn it off ( make sure to read the user manual on how to switch off the device).

    You can have a look at this video on YouTube for more information.


    This is the best vacuum sealer on the market, and we recommend it to everyone! The VacMaster PRO 350 can handle any project you throw at it. We had no problems with this machine, but if anything does happen, they have a great customer service department who will happily help get your unit back up and running in no time!.

    We hope you enjoyed our Vacmaster Pro Reviews post and that we have helped you on your quest for the perfect vacuum sealer!

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