STX International Dehydra STX DEH 1200W XLS Review

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For the serious enthusiasts of food dehydrating, several things are necessary- sufficient power to control air circulation and heat, enough room to dry large amounts of food and the durability for long lasting heavy use.

So, if you’re looking to get the best experience in making jerky and other dried foods, then the STX International Dehydra STX DEH 1200W XLS may be the best dehydrator to consider.

This is a powerful model with a large capacity and is designed to produce quality and quantity foods.

Let’s take a look at the STX International Food Dehydrator below.


This device comes with 1200 watts of power and also allows optimal drying time through the variable thermostat and 16 square feet of drying space.

The housing unit and trays are made from sturdy 100% 304-grade stainless steel and not like the other models which are chrome plated that are sold in the US.

Another useful feature of The STX is the horizontal air flow system which features a 7-inch fan and heater found at the end of the dehydrator and has 24 louvers on the front of the door.

This dehydrator also comes with an ease of use digital control panel that has a 12-hour auto-shutoff timer.

The rear heating/fan section of this machine can be easily detached from the front dehydrating part to make cleaning as easy as possible. 


  • Ten drying racks made of 304-grade stainless come with the STX International Dehydra STX DEH 1200W XLS.
  • The drying racks that come with the device measure 16 inches by 14.5 inches with the square holes in them measure at 1/4 inches by 1/4 inches.
  • The STX Dehydra 1200W dehydrator measures 16 square feet of drying area on the ten drying racks and 3,712 cubic inches of dehydrating area inside the machine.
  • The thermostat range is from 95 to 165 degrees of horizontal air flow; this is perfect for dehydrating herbs, flowers, fruits, spices and more.
  • The 1200 watts give enough power to operate the back mounted heater and 7-inch fan.
  • The digital control panel makes it easy for the user to run the device.
  • It comes with a digital timer which can be programmed to auto-shutoff in 12 hours.
  • The STX International Dehydra STX DEH 1200W XLS can be split apart in an instant and cleaned after use. The back of the machine can be removed for cleaning and when it is operating it is secure with latches that hold it in place.
  • Another great feature that comes with this dehydrator is the large stainless steel drip pan, and it can be removed easily to clean.
  • It comes with two FDA certified silicone mats which are great for making delicious fruit leather.
  • You get 3- years manufacturer guarantee with the STX International, this only applies to people who live in the US.
  • You also get a manual with your purchase, and this comes with the usage guide and tips on dehydrating your food.

 Product Dimensions

  • The STX International Dehydra STX DEH 1200W XLS measures at 20.5 x 17.2 x 15.6 inches.
  • Measurement of the racks: 14.5 x 16 ( total capacity of 16 square feet of drying area).


  • This device weighs 38.5 pounds.

Cleaning the Appliance

  • To clean the dehydrator simply separate the device from the heating/fan and wash the trays in water that is warm and soapy. Dry the inside and outside of the housing unit with a cloth that is damp.


  • It is effective at drying a variety of foods and produces delicious, evenly dried foods in a reasonable time.
  • Many customers on Amazon have said that it delivers impressive results than expected.
  • This model is simple and well built.
  • The appliance is easy to assemble, operate and clean. Many people have reported that they unpacked washed, assembled and used it in under an hour.
  • Customer support is excellent. Any queries are answered by real people who are easy to speak to and are knowledgeable in their products.
  • The appliance is made from stainless steel; this is excellent as it ensures your product lasts longer.
  • It makes incredible mouth-watering jerky with ease.
  • It comes with ten trays which are great for people who have large families and also for drying foods in quantity.


  • There is a mix of reports about the noise of the fan; some have said it gets loud, and others say that they thought the unit was defective because it runs so quietly.
  • Some people have reported that the fan can get loud.
  • Some have reported that the heater coil gets damaged after a short amount of time using the device and have either returned or exchanged the dehydrator.
  • Parchment or screening paper is needed for dehydrating smaller items.


When you’re using the device, you should make sure to leave a few inches of airspace around the dehydrator to produce proper ventilation for the best drying times.

The Stainless steel racks are made from metal and should be washed and cleaned before using them to eliminate any tooling oil.


One of the few all metal machines available to the average buyer and with an abundance of power, the STX International Dehydra STX DEH 1200W XLS is more than capable of processing most of any foods into tasty and nutritious ingredients, snacks, or for preserving. The machine is designed in the US, and the company’s quality control is fantastic.


The STX International Dehydra STX DEH 1200W XLS is invented for the dehydrating perfectionist, the stainless steel design with no plastic parts, large capacity to dry more food in one go, and is one of the most powerful machines out there that can run almost continuously.

The STX International dehydrator is one the higher- end devices; it is specially made for the most dedicated dry food enthusiasts who love to process large quantities of food and are happy to pay extra to get the best results that will get the task done quickly.

Durable, simple to use and reliable, the STX International Dehydra STX DEH 1200W XLS makes dehydrating food enjoyable and easy- a true powerful performer.

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