The 6 Best Homemade Dehydrator Gifts in a Jar to Give This Holiday Season

14.2% of Americans sell personal belongings to fund their Christmas gifts.

That’s one way to go about financial difficulties, but why not get a little bit more creative?

Making your own gifts helps you save money and it makes the holidays a lot more personal (and eco-friendly) – as they should be.

If you own a dehydrator, you know about the delicious snacks you can make with it. Our idea is that you make some extra batches of your treats and put them under the Christmas tree.

Keep reading and discover five ideas for homemade dehydrator gifts!

1. For the First-Timer: Banana Chips

We all have a friend who’s never dared to try dehydrated foods, so why not introduce them to these amazing treats with what’s possibly the most popular dehydrated fruit?

Banana chips are delicious and they couldn’t be easier to make. Since the fruit’s so sweet, you don’t need to add any other ingredients.

2. For the Health Nut: Kale Chips

Kale has become a very trendy food over the past few years and we’re sure the fitness lover in your life loves these amazing greens.

Make some cashew cheese, cover the kale with it, and get it dehydrating. It’s the perfect alternative to regular chips!

3. For the Spicy Food Aficionado: Sriracha Chickpeas

When it comes to hot sauces, Sriracha is nothing but a classic. Rinse the chickpeas well, coat them evenly with the sauce, add a pinch of sugar, and put in the dehydrator. Talk about an addictive snack!

4. For the Kids: Fruit Roll-Ups

If you’re planning on giving the kids some dehydrated treats as well, you’ll need to make them a little bit more exciting. And going for the roll-up method is a perfect way of doing so!

You can choose whatever fruit you want: our tip is the sweeter, the better.

Purée the fruit, place it on the dehydrator food tray (with some parchment paper to keep it as clean as possible), and once it’s done, cut it and roll it up!

5. For the Meat Lover: Beef Jerky

We’ve all heard about jerky before and with your dehydrator, you can make your own healthy version of it. Slice the meat thinly, add your favorite spices, and voilá!

If you don’t want to use beef, you can always try chicken or turkey.

6. For the Fragrance-Obsessed: Potpourri

A dehydrator isn’t just for making food, so if you have a friend who isn’t crazy about dried foods, giving them potpourri is a perfect idea.

Dehydrate some pretty flower petals and orange peels, put them in a jar along with cinnamon sticks, and add some drops of a nice essential oil for a special touch. It looks and smells amazing!

Ready to Start Preparing Those Homemade Dehydrator Treats?

With the variety of snacks (and more) that you can make with a dehydrator, you won’t have a hard time finding the best food gifts to send to each of your friends and family members. You can even make a dry food gift pack for your friends and family.

Make a list of the ingredients you’ll need, get some jars and cute labels, and you’ll have everything you need to make your homemade dehydrator gifts. 

If you have any questions about how to use a dehydrator, make sure to shoot us a message. Happy holidays!