Here Are the Best Freeze-Dried Meals for Going on a Hunt

Most hunting seasons begin sometime in the fall and continue into the very late winter. This means that you are dealing with the cold and unless you’re fortunate and can afford fancy lodge accommodations, you’re staying either in a tent or small cabin.

You will need food that is high in protein, keeps you full, is easy to prepare and ideally easy to clean up. We are going to be talking about the best freeze dried meals to take with you on a hunt. Keep reading for more information!

Any Type of Chili

Chili is ideal for cold temperatures, is easy to make, and leftovers are easily reheated! You can simply buy a premade freeze-dried version and add water or you can freeze dry all of your ingredients. Bring dehydrated or freeze-dried meat in case your hunt isn’t successful. But if it is, you can add your freshly harvested meat.

No matter how you slice it, you will end up with a filling and relatively healthy meal that can feed a number of people!

Eggs for Breakfast

Really, eggs can be prepared for any meal but most people like them in the morning. Freeze-dried eggs can create some of the best freeze-dried meals because other ingredients can be added for a delicious and healthy meal.

One of our favorite ways to use freeze-dried eggs is to prepare them with bell peppers, onions, and salsa for a Southwest scrambler or on tortillas for breakfast tacos. If you are hunting for a long period of time, consider freeze-drying the vegetables you plan to use so they’ll last and be easy to transport.

Freeze-Dried Meal Bags

You can easily bring prepped meal bags that have been freeze-dried. Unfortunately, this means that you pay high prices for high-quality food, or you pay less for tasteless gruel.

Every now and then you can find a great sale, but before taking them on a hunt, try one. Most brands will say that one bag is 1.5-2 servings. Many people eat the whole bag in one sitting because tough hunts burn calories.

If you are wanting to go this route, taste test several brands.

Your Favorite Dessert

Yes, you can bring your favorite freeze-dried dessert with you on a hunt. It may sound silly if you’re a novice sportsman but any experienced hunter will tell you that having a few bites of warm dessert is a great end to the day.

Some desserts are easier to freeze-dry than others and you may have to accept your second favorite, but it will be a treat after a long day of hunting!

And the Best Freeze-Dried Meals for Hunting Are?

There is no real ‘best’ for food to bring on a hunting trip. The important thing to remember when packing your meals is how nutritious they will be.

When considering the best freeze-dried meals, take a look at what’s needed to make them tasty and their nutritional values.

If you don’t like making homemade freeze dried meals, you can buy them from stores online such as Amazon; This will save you time and give you a better chance of having different meals.

If you’ve yet to purchase a food dehydrator or freeze dryer, check out our guide!

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