November 26

It’s Not Just For Cocktail Garnish! Mixology Mingles With Dried Fruit For The Holidays

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Have you gotten a head start on your holiday party planning? Whether you’re organizing the office Christmas shindig, having an all-out rager with your friends, or planning a sophisticated party with your family and friends, you’ll want your party to stand out above the rest.

Of course, the decorations and food are all important, but there’s one crucial thing you shouldn’t overlook–the drinks! After all, what’s a party without a little booze to help everyone forget about their holiday stress for one night.

If you want to take your party to the next level, planning a unique drink selection complete with an adorable holiday cocktail garnish is a must.

Do you want some inspiration? Keep reading to learn how you can make the best holiday drinks using dried fruit for cocktails.

Warm Winter Margarita

Help your guests warm up from the cold and get the festivities started with a Warm Winter Margarita.

Start by dehydrating fruits, like cranberries and blueberries. Then, mix together 2 ounces of gold tequila, 1 3/4 cups of apple juice, and a pinch of granulated sugar.

Add in some of your dehydrated fruit and a cinnamon stick. Not only will these make a cute garnish, but they’ll help boost the flavor of the drink, too!

The Little Devil

Have your guests been naughty or nice this year? The Little Devil is the perfect drink for those who may be getting a lump of coal in their stockings this year.

To make one drink, mix 2 ounces of vodka with 0.75 ounces each of chile liqueur, lemon juice, and maple syrup. Then, fill the remainder of the glass with club soda.

Dust a dehydrated mango slice with a little chili powder and place it on the edge of the glass for the perfect garnish, or drop it right in the drink to add an extra burst of flavor.

Dried Peach Collins

Who says holiday drinks can’t be a little light and fruity? A Dried Peach Collins is a real crowd pleaser for the holidays, especially if paired with a little peach pie for Thanksgiving.

Just combine 1.5 ounces of gin with 0.75 ounces each of lemon juice and peach simple syrup. Fill the remainder of the glass with club soda and finish it off by adding some dehydrated peaches.

Infused Vodka

If none of the above drinks appeal to you, we have just the solution. You can use various dehydrated fruits to make your own infused vodka!

Just offer a few different mixer options, and your guests will have a blast making their own cocktails. Don’t forget to save a few of those dehydrated fruits, so your guests can add their own garnishes, too!

Dehydrated Fruit Drinks and Cocktail Garnish

If you want to make your holiday party one that your guests will never forget, try to spice up your drink selection. Just follow our guide to using dehydrated fruit as a cocktail garnish and drink mix-in to really wow your guests this holiday season.

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