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How About Them Apples: 10 of the Best Apples For Dehydrating

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Are you looking to create edible apple snacks for on the go?

In this modern-day and age, we have more access to nutrition and what foods are good for our bodies and our health. We’re all starting to think more about what we eat. And when it comes to snacking, we’re looking for healthy options that still taste great.

Dehydrated fruit and vegetable chips and bark have become popular. But if you’re new to it and apples are your favorite treat, you might not know which varieties work best.

Don’t worry! Read on for the 10 best apples for dehydrating to make snacks the whole family will love.

1. Gala

If you’re the type who prefers sweeter apples as opposed to bitter ones Gala is a great choice for drying. The Gala is a cross between the Golden Delicious and the Kidd’s Orange Red. It’s a sweet apple that still has a crisp and juicy taste.

This is why it is also considered one of the best apples for eating in general. Its delicate flavor and juiciness isn’t recommended for cooking, sauces or pies though.

2. Gravenstein

The Gravenstein apple comes into season in both July and August. It produces tart chips, packed with intense flavor. So if that is what you have a hankering for, then this is the apple for you.

It withstands the dehydration process well with little loss of taste and flavor. But, unlike many other varieties of sour apples, it won’t keep well. You’ll need to store it in a cold, dark place. But that’s another good reason to preserve them as a dried treat!

3. Honeycrisp

The Honeycrisp is a new kid on the block compared to some other apple varieties on this list. Produced in Minnesota, it’s known for a very juicy and crisp taste. It’s another great eating apple in general.

But the Honeycrisp also has a firm texture and a largely sweet flavor, making it great for drying as chips. They’re usually in season from the middle of September to early October. Due to this limited harvest period and high demand, you’ll have to be quick as they’re usually sold out!

4. Fuji

Fuji apples are a popular choice among commercial apple chip produces, due to their year-round availability. Crisp and tender, they’re also good for snacking in general.

Whole Fuji apples keep well so long as they’re stored in cool, dark places. This means you don’t need to rush to get them all dehydrated and can enjoy them in both forms.

5. Granny Smith

Along with Fuji apples, Granny Smiths are another favourite with commercial crisp producers. They also bake well into tarts and pies. So if you’re a baker that’s looking for a variety that will perform well in both fields, this is the one.

Granny Smiths are also available all year and are bright green and shiny in appearance. Their pleasant, tart taste makes them a fresh snack to eat out of hand too. It’s a real allrounder.

6. Goldrush

Another newcomer is the Goldrush apple. It’s gaining in popularity and notoriety so expect to see more recommendations of it for drying.

The Goldrush is known for its intense, tart, apple flavor. It’s also one of the slowest browning varieties of non-GMO apples that’s grown in the US.

7. Cortland

Another slow browning variety is the Cortland. This is a cross between the McIntosh and Ben Davis apples. And it makes for great dehydrated treats.

The Cortland has a sweet flavor with a hint of bitter undertones. It’s another great option for eating out of the hand too. You can usually buy this apple from September-April.

8. Pink Lady

Pink Lady apples are available later in the season. But they’re a variety that will store exceptionally well if kept right. So if you have the proper conditions to store whole apples through the winter, these are the apples for you.

If you have a root cellar or other appropriate space for long-term storage, you’ll have a supply that will last you. But regardless of storage options, they’re an apple variety that does well under the dehydration process. This is due to their firm texture and their juicy, tart but sweet taste.

9. Empire

The Empire Apple is a cross between the Mcintosh and Red Delicious varieties. You can get it through fall and early winter and it’s a multi-purpose variety. You can:

  • Slice and dry it via a dehydrator
  • Eat it out of hand
  • Cook/bake it into pies, tarts and sauces
  • Press it to make a sweet tasting cider

If you’re looking for an all rounder that will excel not only in dehydration, this is the sure winner!

10. Zestar

The Zestar apple has a very distinctive flavor. Its sweet-tart with undertones of brown sugar are very identifiable. This mix of flavours also makes for very addictively delicious dried snacks. Or it’s equally as nice out of hand.

You can find it harvested in August and September, and it’s one of the earliest of the fall apple varieties. But you should note that after being cut, Zestars will brown easily. For dehydrating, place the slices in a mixture of lemon juice and water before putting them on your tray.

You’re Spoiled for Choice When it Comes to the Best Apples for Dehydrating

So there you have it! You now know our top 10 choices of the best apples for dehydrating.

Picking any one of these varieties will serve you well. It will all depend on your taste preferences. Some are tart and fresh like the Granny Smith or the Goldrush. Others like the Zestar, the Gala and the Honeycrisp are sweeter in flavour.

There are also varieties like the Empire which are great choices if you like preparing your apples in other ways too like in cooking and baking.

For more tips on how to dehydrate fruits and vegetables, check out our blog for updates. You can also check here for tasty recipes to get you started.