Best Foods to Vacuum Seal for Long Term Storage

Do you ever find yourself wondering what are the best foods to vacuum seal for long term storage? Vacuum sealing is a great way to extend the shelf life of your food, ensuring you can store it for larger amounts of time without fear of spoilage. It is especially useful for long-term storage, where you are looking to keep your food safe and edible for months or even years. There are certain items that are ideal candidates for vacuum sealing and preserving, so let’s take a look at the best foods to vacuum seal for long-term storage.

What Are the Best Foods to Vacuum Seal for Long Term Storage?

  • Avocados– The perfect solution to preserve your remaining portion for later!
  • Bananas– Keep your bananas fresh and ripe for smoothies or banana bread by vacuum sealing them!
  • Bulk Buys- Shop smarter and save more by purchasing in bulk; then repackage into smaller portions for future use!
  • CheeseKeep your cheese fresh for up to three times longer than normal by vacuum sealing it. Open blocks and shredded varieties can both be saved with this method, ensuring that you always have accessible snacks!
  • Chip Bags- Keep your chips fresh and delicious for longer by sealing the entire bag inside a vacuum sealer.
  • Yummy Chocolate- Maximize the freshness of your chocolate by storing it in the freezer! This will help ensure you experience its delicious flavor for longer.
  • Coffee Beans- Ensuring your beans stay as fresh as possible is critical for crafting a perfect cup of coffee!
  • Scrumptious Cookies- This holiday season, prepare delicious cookies ahead of time and store them in the freezer for later. Not only will this save you time during your celebrations, but it also allows you to enjoy freshly-baked treats whenever you’d like!
  • Deli Meat- Freezing your lunch meats ensures they stay as fresh and tasty as the day you opened them while storing in the fridge allows you to enjoy their deliciousness all week long.
  • Dry Goods- Maximize the freshness of your baking dry goods and oats by vacuum sealing them!
  • Dry Mixes & Rubs- Unleash your inner chef and craft exquisite seasoning rubs that you can savor yourself or share with family and friends!
  • Fish- Preserve your prized catch and keep it tasting fresh for days by sealing it up in rolls or portions. Place them into the refrigerator or freezer to savor later – a great way to enjoy the entire long fish, or break up smaller fillets instead!
  • Fruits– Enjoy juicy fruits to their fullest! Slice, chop, or par-freeze them and individually vacuum seal each portion for easy addition to pies, smoothies, and other recipes.
  • Spooky Halloween Candy- Don’t blow through your entire “Halloween haul! Set aside some of the treats to enjoy on a future date.
  • Aromatic Herbs- Maximize the longevity of fresh herbs by storing them in an airtight bag or container.
  • Snacks & Essentials- If you’re going on a hunting trip, pre-portioned snacks like vacuum sealed nuts, trail mix, and raisins are great to bring along! These tasty treats will keep your energy levels up while helping you make the most of your outdoor excursion.
  • Ice Cube Herbs, Seasonings, Broth & Oils- Prepare your own pre-made ice cubes for cooking! Utilize an ice cube tray and fill it with liquid mixtures you love to cook with – water, oil, broth, seasonings herbs. After the concoction has frozen solid, vacuum seal them so they are ready when you want to whip up some special recipes.
  • Jerky- If you’re a fan of jerky and you want to buy it in large quantities or make your own, then vacuum sealing is the way to go. Vacuum sealing will help keep your delicious snacks safe from spoilage for long periods of time! Plus, with vacuum sealed bags, they’ll be hidden away from any other food raiders that may lurk in your home.
  • Keto & Diet Meal Items – To succeed in a diet like Keto, preparing meals ahead of time is essential. Take the extra step and vacuum-seal your meal portions to ensure that you’re ready for breakfast, lunch, or dinner during the week. Ideas such as zucchini slices & peppers, omelets filled with salami & cheese, and pre-made low carb meals all come highly recommended!
  • Sous Vide Prepped Meats & Veggies- To achieve restaurant-quality sous vide meals, vacuum sealing is a must.
  • Vegetables- Vegetables are an abundance during their peak summer and fall months, but you can enjoy the freshness of tomatoes, potatoes, beans, carrots, and more anytime with vacuum sealing. Vacuum sealed veggies will taste just like they were purchased that day!
  • Yams- To ensure that your potatoes and yams remain fresh, we recommend vacuuming sealing them – whether prepped or not. This way, you’ll always have a ready-to-use supply when the need arises!
  • Zucchini- Add a healthy, delicious dimension to your meals with zucchini!
  • Lettuce- you can extend the lifespan of your lettuce by vacuum sealing it!
  • Meatballs- Get ahead of the game and prepare a plethora of delicious, pre-made meatballs! Vacuum sealing them makes them readily accessible for future meals, adding that extra bit of ease to your spaghetti nights or any time you want a delightful meatball sandwich.
  • Meat- Meats such as Chicken, Fish, Beef, and Wild Game can be effortlessly vacuum sealed for optimal freshness.
  • Pastas- Stop your pastas from going stale by sealing them in vacuum bags after opening.
  • Seeds- To ensure your seeds remain viable for months, store them in airtight vacuum seal bags. For the best results, spread out recently harvested seeds and allow them to dry completely before sealing them away from moisture and oxygen.
  • Seasonal Fruits & Vegetables- Maximize the deliciousness of your fruits and vegetables by purchasing them when they’re in-season, vacuum sealing them for later use, and experiencing their flavor all year round. Enjoy meals made with flavorful produce during any season or whip up some pies or smoothies – whatever you desire!
  • Dehydrated Fruits & Vegetables– Dehydrated fruits and vegetables are lightweight, nutritious snacks that can last for months when vacuum sealed.

How Long Does Vacuum Sealed Food Last for Different Items?

Room Temperature

Bread: Keep it fresh for 2-3 days in normal packaging. Vacuum seal it, and enjoy up to 7-8 days of freshness.

Raw Rice/Pasta: Store in normal packaging for 5-6 months. Vacuum seal for a longer shelf life of 12 months.

Cereal: Crunchy for 2-3 months in regular packaging. Vacuum sealed? Stay crispy for 6-12 months.

Tea/Coffee: Savor the flavor in normal packaging for 2-3 months. Vacuum sealing keeps it aromatic for 12 months.

Flour: Use it within 6-8 months when stored in standard packaging. Vacuum sealed? Good for 1-2 years.

Nuts: Enjoy their crunchiness for 6-8 months in regular packaging. Vacuum sealed nuts? Fresh for two years.


Let’s explore how vacuum sealing compares to normal packaging in extending the shelf life of various foods in your refrigerator.

Beef: In normal packaging, beef lasts 3-4 days. But when vacuum sealed, it stays fresh for an impressive 30-40 days.

Hard Cheese: Your hard cheese will last 15-20 days in its normal packaging. Vacuum sealing extends its life to a whopping 40-60 days.

Soft Cheese: Soft cheese usually stays fresh for 5-7 days. Vacuum seal it, and you’ll have 13-15 days to indulge.

Fruit: Fruit has a short life of 1-5 days. Vacuum sealing gives you more time to enjoy your favorites, extending their freshness to 7-14 days.

Vegetables: Vegetables stay fresh for 2-7 days in their regular packaging. Vacuum seal them, and they’ll last 7-14 days.

Roasted Meat: Roasted meat remains good for 2-3 days. Vacuum sealing ensures you can savor it for 8-12 days.

Whole Fish: A whole fish has a short shelf life of 1-3 days. Vacuum sealing extends that freshness to 4-5 days.


Meat – Normally packaged meat can last up to 6 months in the freezer. Want to extend its life? Then, vacuum seal it and enjoy fresh meat for 2-3 years.

Ground Meat – Store minced or ground meat in normal packaging for up to 3 months. Vacuum seal it for a longer shelf life of 1 year.

Fish – Freeze fish in standard packaging for six months. Vacuum sealing extends its freshness for 2-3 years.

Vegetables – Keep vegetables in your freezer for 8-10 months when stored in regular packaging. Vacuum seal them for an impressive 2-3 years of freshness.

Fruit – Fruit stays fresh for 6-12 months in normal packaging. Vacuum seal your favorite fruits to enjoy them for 2-3 years.

Poultry – Freeze poultry in standard packaging for up to 6 months. Vacuum sealing ensures your poultry stays fresh for 2-3 years.

Soups and Sauces – Store soups and sauces in the freezer for 2-4 months in regular packaging. Vacuum seal them to enjoy their delicious flavors for 1-2 years.

It comes down to the quality of the bags, machine, and storage. Make sure you’re using top-notch supplies for maximum protection and preservation. You’ll enjoy your food long after it’s gone and avoid wasting money on spoiled food.


Vacuum sealing is an effective way to store food products for extended periods of time without sacrificing quality or taste. While there are many different types of foods that can benefit from being sealed with a vacuum sealer, some common ones include fruits & vegetables, meat & fish, and dairy products like cheese! Vacuuming out all the air helps prevent bacteria from growing on your food items and keeps them fresher longer than traditional storage methods, which is why it’s recommended by many experts in food preservation storage! Thanks for reading about the best foods to vacuum seal for long term storage – happy storing!

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