An Inside Look at Ambiano Food Dehydrator Reviews

Dehydrating food is an excellent alternative to canning or storing food long-time. Not only is it an easy method, but it can save time, space, and money in the long run when done correctly.

The Ambiano food dehydrator allows you to reduce the mass and size of foods, making them easier to carry, travel with, store, and save.

If you’re looking to purchase a quality food dehydrator for yourself, check out this guide to the top Ambiano food dehydrator reviews.

Great Value for the Price

78 percent of those reviewing the Ambiano Digital Food Dehydrator reported that the dehydrator was a “great deal” for the price.

Many similar dehydrators at this low price do not offer the variable temperature feature as the Ambiano does.

At times, Aldi offers a $5 coupon off the price of the $29.99 Ambiano Digitial Food Dehydrator when you purchase online or at a newly opened Aldi store. This makes the Ambiano an even greater steal for the value.

Some customers can find this particular food dehydrator on sale for $19.99 at certain physical Aldi locations.

Either way, finding a five-tiered, variable temperature dehydrator for $29.99 (plus frequent coupons), is a rare find when it comes to food dehydrators.

Various Uses for the Ambiano

The user manual for the Ambiano lists lemons and grapefruit as a fruit to avoid dehydrating or making chips out of. These highly citrus fruits tend to become bitter when dehydrated.

However, there is a myriad of other fruits or meats that can be dehydrated successfully using the Ambiano so your options are far from limited. 

This inexpensive food dehydrator is equipped with 5 removable tiers so you can dehydrate multiple items at one time. Just a few of these items include the following:


The Ambiano dehydrator is capable of turning delicious meats into storable or snackable jerky.

When choosing what meats to dehydrate, it’s best to consider using lean meats with the least amount of fat on them. 

Your best choices might include lean cuts of round or flank steak. While these are the typical meats for jerky creation, feel free to get creative as long as you don’t choose anything too greasy or fatty.

Fruit Chips and Leather

The Ambiano is also adept at turning your favorite fruits like strawberries, bananas, apples, mangos, and just about anything you’d like, into delicious chips or fruit leathers.

Ambiano is capable of creating leathers from a variety of fruit combinations, so have fun creating your own unique recipes.

You might combine anything from berries, bananas, peaches, pineapples, and more into one delicious fruit leather to take on your next campout or simply throw in your lunch. 

While leathers and jerky are strengths for the Ambiano, other dehydrators may suit your personal preferences more. Find out what other food dehydrators options might best suit your individual needs here.

More Help Choosing a Food Dehydrator

While the Ambiano is great for dehydrating multiple items at once, as well as offering variable temperature, there may be other aspects to consider when choosing a dehydrator for your food.

For a breakdown of the best dehydrator to use for raw foods, check out our blog post.

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