5 Guaranteed Tips to Save Money on Groceries This Month

Looking to cut costs on groceries?

You’re not alone. Food is responsible for almost 13% of yearly household expenses in the United States. There are easy ways to slash your grocery bill and still enjoy the same foods you always do though.

Read on for five tips to save money on groceries this month!

Make A List

Going to the market without a specific list could be dangerous. You don’t know what you’re looking for so all of a sudden you “need” items you don’t. Shopping without a list is a surefire way to spend more money than you intend to.

Before you head out, take inventory of what’s in the house. Look at the items you use vs. items you buy and then end up wasting or only using some of.

Not only should you make a list of what items you need, but how much. That way you’re not buying too much of one product. This will help you focus when you’re in the market and keep you from experiencing sticker shock when you get to the register.

Freeze Meals

Start cooking the food you have and freezing it if it’s you won’t eat it right away. If you’re only cooking for a small number of people the tendency is to leave the rest of the fresh food in the fridge for cooking later on.

However, you’re more likely to make use of that fresh food by cooking it at the same time and then storing it in the freezer as individual meals. Not only are you saving money on food, but you’re making dinner time easier when all you have to do is defrost a prepared portion!

Join a Rewards Program

If you don’t have time to cut coupons or compare store prices, you’re better off sticking to one market and joining their rewards program. Many supermarkets offer special discounts to members.

Once you join, be sure to keep an eye out for specially marked prices. Often times, you can get a discount on items if you buy a certain number of them. Be sure to swipe your loyalty card at the register and see your overall cost decrease.

Buy in Bulk

If there are certain non-perishable items you buy and use all the time, consider buying them in bulk to save money. Purchasing items in bulk will cost you less over time than buying them in the usual size repeatedly.

Items like spices, olive oil, canned beans, and soups are perfect to buy in bulk. Same goes for everyday items like quinoa, pasta and frozen berries for your morning smoothie.

Meal Plan

This takes a little forethought, but planning out your meals for the week can be a big money saver. Especially if some of the meals use the same foods in different ways.

This means you can head to the store and know exactly what you need, and then use all it within the week because you know what meals you’re making. You can also plan meals and recipes according to what is on sale or discounted at your supermarket.

Save Money on Groceries Today!

With these guaranteed tips above, you’ll be able to cut back on expenses and save money on groceries right away.

It involves some planning but when done correctly, you’ll see a reflection in your bank account and over time those small savings catch up in a big way.

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